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News 16-02-2021

Top 5 most read 2020 CTOUCH articles

From the introduction of our BRIX solutions to our new virtual training room where you can experience the magic of touchscreens for yourself. In any case, a lot of news we've treated you to. We understand it's hard to keep up sometimes. Are you secretly curious which top 5 articles were read the most? We have listed them for you:

How to make virtual meetings a success

Since the coronavirus outbreak, thousands of people have been working from home overnight. For many it takes some time getting used to, but it also has its advantages. You don't have to travel as much and you can just dial into meetings from home. Super easy, right? Well… not always. Let's put an end to the jumble of questions and organise virtual meetings much more efficiently. So, check out the do's & don'ts of virtual meetings.

Do's & don'ts of virtual meetings

Oh dear, what a year

Sit back, watch and have some fun! Although COVID-19 has had an impact on all of us, we sincerely hope that you are doing well and that the damage and disruption it has caused in your life, is limited. Even though we've already had our 2020 Christmas fun, you all loved watching the video. We can't blame you! So, can't get enough of the X-mas video? Click below to watch it again. Enjoy!

Watch the X-mas video

A couple of Bett Show 2020 slices you want to take a bite out of

Did you get a chance to visit the Bett Show 2020 in London? We hope you've had a great time. We sure did, you BETT ya! So, let's rewind a bit and recapture some of the highlights. As you may know, we strive for education with a fun twist. And wherever we are we show our true colours and that's what we also did at the Bett Show 2020.

Rewind to Bett Show 2020

CTOUCH and TrilbyTV continue their exclusive partnership in the UK

CTOUCH UK Ltd is excited to announce the continuation of its exclusive partnership with TrilbyTV, the only digital signage software designed for Education on the market. The added value this brings to Education customers is one CTOUCH believe to be as important as ever in the 'new normal' we now live in. Read more about how touchscreens and digital signage for schools make a powerful proposition.

Read more about TrilbyTV digital signage

Get a taste of a truly collaborative CTOUCH For Teams meeting in 7 steps

Microsoft Teams meetings are hot! During COVID-19 Microsoft saw a new record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day through Microsoft Teams. That's three times as much as the 900 million in mid-March. Are you one of those millions of active Microsoft Teams users? Then you should really meet our CTOUCH For Teams solutions. Check out the 7 steps for a truly collaborative CTOUCH For Teams meeting. From teamwork to dreamwork!

CTOUCH For Teams to get dreamwork done

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