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Primary Education

Teaching made easy & inspiring!

CTOUCH interactive displays help teachers create an interactive and engaging learning environment in the classroom. As their trusted assistant, these displays provide full support for their chosen teaching methods and software.

Teaching made easy with CTOUCH Riva R2

Your students are growing up in a digital age that is advancing rapidly. Your tools need to be able to keep up, but in a way that still supports the teacher. CTOUCH Riva R2 has been designed to be intuitive, inclusive, and easy to use. This means that teachers can confidently use the screen without ever needing a manual.

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Sustainable primary education

CTOUCH's sustainable touchscreens incorporate various sustainability features, such as smart on/off and eco-mode. All managed through our remote management system CTOUCH Sphere. Using CTOUCH can save you on average 29% energy compared to other brands!

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U Board Mate


Engage learners to listen, see, and participate on a whiteboard.

CTOUCH App Store

Full of carefully selected teaching apps for all kinds of situations!
E Share


Wirelessly and securely share your laptop’s screen with the digital board.

Engaging the classroom

CTOUCH displays create a lively environment that boosts student participation and helps knowledge stick. Think animations, videos, and interactive quizzes that make learning a blast for our young learners! Students can also interact with the display simultaneously, promoting teamwork and problem-solving skills in ways that involve the three main learning styles; visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning.

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Technology you enjoy using

The CTOUCH Riva R2 is an excellent tool for educators. The display's vibrant colours make it ideal for viewing educational content, easily accessible on YouTube through WiFi 6 technology. The 80-watt JBL® speakers make listening assignments a breeze with crystal-clear audio. And the microphone array can be used to measure, and share when the class volume is too high.

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