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From trends to reality
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How to beat those
Microsoft Teams struggles

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Blended and hybrid learning.
What's the difference?

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6 advantages of
digital education

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From trends to reality in higher education

From gamification and hybrid learning to virtual classrooms – we can no longer think of this as a ‘trend’, as it’s becoming reality. Mark our words. Are you ready for our crash course on the future of higher education?

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Blended learning, hybrid learning, flipped classroom… say what?

If you talk about digitisation in education, you are talking about blended learning, hybrid learning, virtual classrooms, flipped classrooms.... Terms that are now increasingly anchored in education. But what's the difference? 🤔

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We've listed the best tips for you!

9 tips on how to beat those Microsoft Teams struggles

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How to turn a boring lecture into a party

Communication, collaboration and solving problems are what your students need today to be successful. However, actively involving students in the lectures is a profession in itself, you know that better than anyone. Let's show you why you want to start with active learning today!

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Boring lectures

VR and AR in higher education

Put on your VR headsets and let's go! Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are growing incredibly fast right now. These technologies have already brought considerable changes to the corporate world, and now they're popping up in higher education as well.

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Ar and vr in education

Let's talk digital

6 advantages of digital education

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Are we all switching to blended learning after the coronavirus?

Due to the coronavirus, schools have massively switched from face-to-face education to online learning. Will online learning be part of the curriculum after COVID-19? In other words: are you ready for blended learning?

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Today's education is outdated. Or not?

We can say that the world has changed a lot. And so has education. Education, over the past few months, has proven that it can adapt very quickly to a new and unknown situation. It's almost unbelievable, but when schools had to close, about 88% of the schools had arranged distance learning within two days!

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Education outdated