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Working & meeting securely in a digital world

The digital world gives us the convenience of working from virtually anywhere. From the office, the couch, or even the beach. With the advance of digitisation, cybercrime is also on the rise. How do you ensure that employees can work just as safely from any location? It starts with awareness of the dangers and risks you run as a company. You can read more about it in this guide.

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Add a little touch to your hybrid office

Hybrid working is here to stay! But how do you stay connected when some colleagues work at home and others in the office? Smart technology is essential in a hybrid working environment. And an interactive touchscreen is an absolute must! Read more about the added value of touch in a hybrid office.

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Digital scrum with a touchscreen

How do self-organising teams work? What do you gain from agile working? In this free guide we give you a sneak peak of the Agile world and especially zoom in on Scrum. Close cooperation, knowledge exchange and accurately tracking progress go hand in hand to become a Scrum expert. And we’ll show you how that works using a CTOUCH touchscreen.


How does the ideal workplace of the future look like?

A new chapter in the handbook for the modern workplace has begun. Technological innovation and societal changes make it clear that it is high time for completely redesigned office environments. Discover the trends and predictions for the ideal workplace of the future here.

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Let's shift from the new normal to the ideal normal

The speed at which the new way of working has become the new normal in the past months has taken everyone by surprise. All the more reason to accelerate the shift from the new normal to the ideal normal! Read all about it in this free guide.

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Bye bye hackers!

How to have safe and secure meetings in the new normal

Cybersecurity safe and secure meetings

Three golden tips for effective remote meetings

"Effective remote collaboration: is that possible?"

2. videoconferencing like a pro

Workplace collaboration

We can’t deny an obvious shift in collaboration is taking place. This requires to focus on employee behaviour, workspaces, working styles and integrating matching collaborative tools. Be aware what this collaboration wave encompasses for your organisation and you’ll experience the benefits.

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How to run your meetings?

The average employee attends 10 meetings per week. Quite a lot, right? Or maybe you attend even a lot more? And do you enjoy meetings that much? We guess you would be the first if that's the case☺ So, how to run an effective meeting which is enjoyable at the same time?

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How do we benefit from flexibility in the workplace?

How can we breathe flexible working? Both employers and employees. Why do we even move in this direction? And how do flexible jobs affect our daily lives? Find out how to grow in offering flexible and alternative ways of working and how to stay productive when working from flexible locations.

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