Anouk ten Hoopen LR

A chat with: Anouk ten Hoopen

Why did you choose to work at CTOUCH?

The versatility of my job, the great atmosphere. During the first interview I already had a very good feeling about the people who work here. CTOUCH is a scale-up organization so it offers enough challenges and opportunities to grow. And of course the beautiful office at Strijp-T, in the middle of the innovative district of Eindhoven.

What does your average day look like?

I start the day by checking my emails and messages in Microsoft Teams. Next, I look at my sprint schedule in Jira to see what my priorities are for the coming two weeks. I make a to-do list for the day and get to work.

Via our media monitoring tool, I can see if any interesting posts have appeared about CTOUCH on the web and social media. I coordinate the content planning for social media with our intern and I quickly write a briefing for our communications agency for the production of a new white paper. I finish just in time for the weekly meeting with the marketing team. Afterwards I watch the animation video we made of a new product and I dot the i's and cross the t's of the press release I'm going to distribute tomorrow.

Then it's already time for Jeanne-Marie's delicious lunch in our cosy canteen. After lunch, I discuss the results of the online campaigns with online colleague Laura and send an update to the Sales team. From our designer I have received some proposals for an advertisement, product folder and online banners that need to be approved. In the meantime, I follow an interesting webinar from our partner Barco about hybrid working and I have a Teams call with a potential speaker for our own webinars that we would like to organize. Finally, I quickly update a few slides of our corporate presentation. And then I hurry home, because the kids have to be on the soccer field at 6 pm.

What is the most exciting project you have completed and why?

Tough question because there are many projects that I am proud of and have worked on with the team. One example is the roll out of the Maverick CTOUCH corporate identity. Our corporate identity is characterized by a colorful and personal look & feel and has a surprising and playful tone of voice. This is how we really distinguish ourselves from our competitors. It can be seen in all our marketing materials, from our website to advertisements and from exhibition materials to the packaging of our products.

How many times have you participated in the weekly gym? Who is the one who actually slaves the most?

I try to join every week, so I count myself among the die-hards. The lessons are pretty tough, so I really don't want to go, but afterwards I always get so much energy (and muscle aches...). The biggest fanatic is Remmelt. Hold your breath when you have to compete with him.

Name 3 key words that describe your team best.

Can it be 5? I'm a Libra, so I'm bad at choosing...
Hard work, sociable, committed, flexible and customer focused.

Below are CTOUCH's core values, which one appeals to you the most and explain how you apply it in your job.

All four appeal to me and I use them daily in my job, but if I have to choose one I say for now: We work smarter. In everything we do we try to work smarter (together), so that we get more out of it for ourselves and for the customer. In the end, that's what it's all about. The more relevant we are and the more personal we communicate with our customers, the better. Every day we work with great enthusiasm on smart projects aimed at creating long-term relationships with our customers.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to do this kind of work?

A completed education and/or experience in the field of marketing & communication would be helpful 😉. Furthermore, be yourself, don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves, make sure you keep an overview and be flexible (you never know in advance how your day will evolve). Be open to the people around you, collaborate and immerse yourself in the target group so you know what makes the customer happy.


We actively look for better ways to work together and deliver brilliant results.


Every day we go to work with drive, enthusiasm and optimism.


The people we do business with matter. We go the extra mile to delight and make a difference.

own it.

We do what we can to do things properly and succeed. We help each other and those who matter to us.