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Scrum & Agile beyond the hype

Ok, so you know about scrum, sprints, and agile working. And, sure, you’ve figured out how to use that whiteboard with the post-its and digital boards like Jira or Trello. But a stand up meeting could be so much easier! With our interactive touchscreens you can say goodbye to different boards, paper notes, and fuss. Enter a hassle-free agile world. Greetings, digital scrummer! 👋

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Achieve a killer workflow with CTOUCH by your side

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Video & Screen sharing is the new cool

Seeing is believing, right? So, why not share anything from your personal device on the screen in a meeting room or classroom? Documents. Notes. Presentations. Photos. Videos. Everything! Increase knowledge and engagement. Draw in people who aren’t in the room with top-notch videoconferencing functionalities that push the boundaries of distance. Don’t believe us?

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Super easy on-screen annotations

It doesn’t get easier than this! Discover Adaptive Touch, which simulates natural handwriting. It gets even better as you can annotate over any software and multiple students can annotate on the screen at the same time. Experience student participation as never before. Whiteboard & annotation functionality = super easy + super fast + super reliable.

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Elevate your presentations

Master meeting room skills with this checklist for stress-free presentations:

✓ failure-proof touchscreen tech
✓ brilliant image quality and cinema-style sound
✓ smooth integration of apps and devices
✓ astounded audience

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Harlow Fields School and College finds the winning formula with CTOUCH

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