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How Jobcenter Copenhagen benefits from their CTOUCH screens

Jobcenter Copenhagen makes your job hunting experience inspiring, effective and fun

Jobcenter Copenhagen helps unemployed people in jobs and education. It is a big organization, with some 900 employees that welcomes around 2,500 citizens every day. They come to the Jobcenter looking for information or to participate in a course or workshop to help them advance their career.

Since information is these days more often presented in digital form, the Jobcenter was looking for a big but flexible solution to communicate digital information in a professional and clear way. They wanted interactive screens that are user friendly and offer prefect picture quality, even on very sunny days.

The Jobcenter was looking for a similar solution for each of the 87 teaching rooms and 55 meeting rooms of different sizes in the center. One of the biggest requirements was to ensure a reliable and coherent experience for all types of visitors that come to the center. To reach this goal, the Jobcenter reached out to reseller Atea, who introduced them to CTOUCH interactive touchscreens.

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How Jobcenter Copenhagen benefits from their CTOUCH screens

Big organization, great solutionBy putting 55” and 65“ Laser Sky screens in smaller rooms and 86” Laser Sky screens in the big rooms, each of the more than 100 rooms are equipped with a screen that fits the purpose of the room and offers the same user experience. This is a win-win for visitors as well as employees.

Future proof flexibility

Although the Jobcenter did not necessarily need touch functions in all rooms, they regard it as a pleasant bonus that the CTOUCH screens offer it. This means they are ready for the time that the need for touchscreens arises. And as long as they don’t need touch, the screens work perfectly as non-touchscreens as well!

Picture perfect and energy efficient

The projectors the Jobcenter previously used didn’t project properly, especially on bright or sunny days. Moreover, these projectors used a lot of power. CTOUCH screens not only have brilliant image quality and great sound from the built-in JBL speakers, they are also one of the most energy efficient interactive screens on the market.

User-friendly interface

The CTOUCH screens are very easy to use. Because the interface is the same on all sizes of the screens, people working with them will always know how to use them. The simple design of the screen and the interface makes the use of the screens very intuitive.

Jobcenter Copenhagen is pleased with the flexibility and quality of the CTOUCH screens. They enable employees to help citizens find a new job or advance their careers in different ways. Preferably on bright and sunny days.

At CTOUCH we want to boost interactivity, productivity, and engagement in any classroom, meeting, huddle – or whatever you name it. Wondering how? By unlocking the endless possibilities of the touchscreen! We fully grasp the transformative potential of the touch experience. For teaching. For business meetings. For inspiring. For knowledge sharing. For everything, really! That’s why we want to support you in every setting where you want or need to encourage collaboration. We’ve got you covered. And we’ll surprise you. Promised!

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