BIM interactive touch display CTOUCH


Effective BIM collaboration

Simplify your BIM workflow with a central, digital & interactive collaboration point. Edit your digital documents in real-time to minimise miscommunication and reduce paper usage.

The touchscreen for construction

Safely share BIM plans with CTOUCH Canvas

The CTOUCH Canvas showcases BIM software securely from a user's laptop. Need to share your work beyond the office? Remote team members can join video calls through Microsoft Teams Rooms cameras attached to the display.

Bim software ctouch canvas interactive display

Sustainable construction

Digitise your workflows with a sustainable CTOUCH display to reduce paper waste and minimise errors. This leads to enhanced productivity and more efficient work practices.

Sustainability Passport Canvas

Drawboard Projects

A touch-optimized markup tool that shares annotations in documents over the cloud in real time.

Autodesk BIM 360

From 3D model views, to document annotation, this well-known BIM is touch-compatible with CTOUCH.


The perfect tool for quizzes, polls and other engagement tools that support memory retention in training.


Whether working hybrid or calling clients, hybrid meetings with Teams Rooms are touch-compatible.

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