Industry operations


Keep overview and reduce risks

Optimise workflows and improve productivity with interactive touchscreens. Interactive touchscreens provide teams with a comprehensive overview, enabling them to manage resources effectively in real-time.

The touchscreen for operations

Collaborate on CTOUCH Canvas with Teams

Use a CTOUCH Canvas with Microsoft Teams Rooms to streamline remote collaboration, coordinate tasks and optimise operations seamlessly. With its intuitive touch features, you can interact with data, diagrams and schedules in real-time. Drive more efficient decision-making at headquarters and in the field.

Teams on CTOUCH Canvas - Frontal view

Identify & react fast

In an increasingly digital and connected world, these displays offer a hands-on way to monitor, track and manage resources. This provides a comprehensive overview to the entire team, enabling them to make real-time adjustments to plans.

Woman moving task cards around during a planning standup meeting with a group - facing right

Sustainable management

Many companies aim to be more sustainable. Speed up this process and reduce waste by choosing green partners such as CTOUCH, the most sustainable touchscreen brand in the world. We design our interactive displays to be sustainable to the core, from product design to end-of-life. They complete your green office, enabling paperless and cloud-based working.

Sustainability Passport Canvas


Assign tasks to your field team and open them on the board to add notes and documents.


Use this infinite whiteboard to create real-time overviews of complex processes for your team.


Start a call right from the screen and get to work with people in the field or working remotely.

MS Whiteboard

Need to explain something quickly, even in a call? Microsoft Teams has a built-in whiteboard.

Keeping your data secure

CTOUCH Canvas is the most secure touchscreen we ever manufactured. Unlike other touchscreens, it has no Android or any other Operating System for that matter. This makes the Canvas ideal for companies that prioritise security. We have even allowed security professionals from Grant Thornton to try hacking the CTOUCH Canvas, with emphasis on 'try'. Try as they might, they could not crack the Canvas.

Bank vault

Space to think & call

Large touch screens offer ample space to quickly identify and address complex issues. This feature is particularly useful during hybrid calls, allowing teams to efficiently troubleshoot problems spotted on the display.

CTOUCH Canvas Meeting Presentation with team in a Board Room - Scenario 1

Staying in sync with cloud

The overview an interactive display provides is accessible on both the big screen and on your team’s devices. They're the most versatile tool for project planning, safety meetings, training and development workshops.

Two people actively using BIM software during a meeting in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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