Assist healthcare professionals

Touchscreens support healthcare providers in performing their daily tasks. They also play an important role in the interactive and effective training of healthcare professionals.

The touchscreen for healthcare

Secure calls on CTOUCH Canvas with Teams

The CTOUCH Canvas is specially designed to work smoothly with Microsoft Teams Rooms cameras, such as the Cisco Room Bar or Logitech Rally Bar. Healthcare professionals can easily connect with colleagues and patients' family members on one big screen.

Teams on Canvas

The safest interactive display for healthcare

CTOUCH Canvas does not store or process data. Sensitive patient information is stored safe & secure on your own managed servers and devices. That's not all: we've tested Canvas by independent cyber security specialists from Grant Thornton to ensure we're meeting the highest security standards possible.

Bank vault

Sustainable healthcare

A healthy planet leads to healthier people! Healthcare institutions greatly impact their direct environment and want to explore sustainable options where possible. CTOUCH's interactive displays contain many sustainability features designed to lower your CO2 footprint - and we have the data to back that up!

Sustainability Passport Canvas


Ensure the newly learned skills from training workshops are remembered using interactive quiz tools.

EHR Health Records

Wirelessly share your electronic health record system to discuss a patient and navigate records with touch.


When discussing topics with others, use a whiteboard to clarify and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Microsoft Teams

With e-health, you can easily connect with colleagues and patients' family members on one screen.

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