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Higher Education

Digitising universities and further education

Improve teaching in higher education with the most user-friendly touchscreen ever. Discover the touchscreen for higher education. Safe and sustainable.

Easy for students & staff with CTOUCH Neo

The CTOUCH Neo has a very intuitive interface that teachers can easily handle. The interface, consisting of 4 buttons, is uniform on every screen. Thus, every Neo in every room is easy to use by both teachers and students. This significantly relieves the burden on the IT department. With its ease of use, the Neo encourages adoption of touch during teaching in higher education.

CTOUCH NEO Frontal view of home screen

Eduroam & iotroam compatible

SURF is thinking in the fullness of time with us. For instance, we worked closely with SURF to ensure that the CTOUCH Neo is fully compatible with both eduroam and iotroam. This makes the CTOUCH Neo the ideal choice for higher education institutions striving for the highest security standards.


Remote management with CTOUCH Sphere

Neo comes standard with CTOUCH Sphere, our remote management system. This allows IT administrators to remotely troubleshoot problems and perform updates. It has smart dashboards and secure data storage on its own servers in Germany. Sphere continues to evolve to meet the needs of IT administrators.

Monthy energy report CTOUCH Sphere


Give teachers, students and researchers a big screen to share their work.


Encourage collaboration, visualise data and hold interactive workshops on the touchscreen.


Organise and track group projects by adjusting tasks and timelines from the display.


Bring students at home and students in the lecture hall together in a hybrid call on the big screen.

Sustainable higher education

CTOUCH is the world's most sustainable touchscreen brand. CTOUCH's sustainable touchscreens include energy-saving features, such as smart on/off functions and eco mode. This saves you energy and money. On average, CTOUCH touchscreens use 29% less energy compared to other brands!

Sustainability Passport Neo 1

Stimulate collaborative learning with touch

Students can safely use a touchscreen during group projects to share their screen and use familiar apps - all with touch functionality!

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Giving lectures easily

Teachers want to be able to start their lectures with confidence right away. Make it easy for them with user-friendly and intuitive technology that supports rather than hinders. Offering this technology will encourage the use of touch in higher education.

CTOUCH Neo Lesson

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