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Secondary Education

Innovative and engaging teaching

Teaching pupils can be a challenge, but we're here to help teachers! Our touchscreens encourage student engagement by creating an immersive and interactive learning environment.

Deliver quality education with CTOUCH Riva R2

The CTOUCH Riva R2 is all about making teachers' lives easier. Share your presentation wirelessly using EShare, run your lessons on the feature-rich UBoardMate whiteboard, or use the Firefox browser to access educational content online. All easy peasy from a trusted and intuitive interface!

Riva D2 Frontal

When your students are just too smart...

You lock the interactive display down! CTOUCH Neo can safely be left alone in classrooms. IT admins can disable all ports, adjust about every setting & can lock away all cables. This ensures no pranks can be pulled.

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Sustainable secondary education

High schools play a crucial role in educating students about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices. That's why they need to practise what they preach and consider investing in sustainable solutions, such as CTOUCH's interactive displays! As the world's most sustainable touchscreen brand, we go the extra eco-mile.

Sustainability Passport Neo 1

CTOUCH Whiteboard

Use the CTOUCH whiteboard to share your worldly wisdom.


Open up any video you need to make an engaging lesson, right from the screen!


Run interactive learning games like quizzes, polls and slide reactions to make the lesson engaging.
E Share


Wirelessly and securely share your laptop’s screen with the digital board.

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