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Successful framework agreement: school foundation KOBA & CTOUCH

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In 2019, school foundation Katholiek Onderwijs Bisdom Antwerpen (KOBA) chose VanRoey and CTOUCH to digitise its classrooms. Now, 3.5 years later, our interactive touchscreens have found their way into the schools. Thousands of students enjoy the benefits of interactive teaching every day. Below, some satisfied schools happily share their experience!

De Vlinder: 'Interactive and Engaging Learning'

One of the first schools to benefit from this innovative project is Publoc Primary School De Vlinder. With the implementation of CTOUCH Riva screens, De Vlinder has replaced traditional chalkboards with digital learning tools. These advanced screens work seamlessly with all teaching software and offer a smooth writing experience with numerous applications.

This has made teaching more interactive and engaging, with students more actively engaged in learning. Moreover, teachers have access to a wide range of educational software and online resources that enrich and adapt their teaching materials to the individual needs of students. Feedback from both teachers and students has been extremely positive. They report that lessons are much more lively, interactive and motivating.

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CLW Antwerpen: 'visual enrichment and flexibility'

CLW Antwerpen is also reaping the benefits of this digital transformation. Advanced touchscreens allow teachers to switch seamlessly between differentb presentation modes, such as showing interactive videos, sharing digital notes and making on-screen annotations. This makes learning content more visual and understandable for students.

It also gives the ability to store and share content with learners. Which ensures flexibility and smooth teaching in a digital environment. Both teachers and students experience higher engagement and better results since the implementation of the CTOUCH screens.

Active learning and collaboration at Sint-Pieter, H2TO and Sint-Gummarus

All these schools recognise that interactive teaching plays a crucial role in engaging students and stimulating their learning.

"With this installation, we can more easily collaborate on various projects, carry out interactive exercises and make engaging presentations"

"This form of active learning allows us to develop valuable, contemporary skills that are essential for our future success. Through

collaborative activities, students are encouraged to communicate, share and exchange ideas. This strengthens their

social and communication skills."

In short, we see increased motivation and deeper understanding of learning. The school foundation plays an

exemplary role in innovative education thanks to the capabilities of the CTOUCH touchscreens. Students are successfully prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.

Thank you for your trust!

The framework agreement between KOBA, VanRoey | EuroSys and CTOUCH led to a large-scale modernisation of numerous schools thanks to the installation of CTOUCH interactive touchscreens. These work seamlessly with all educational software, have powerful speakers, provide an accurate writing experience and feature Wi-Fi connectivity.

The benefits of digitisation are evident, with increased engagement, improved results and the development of essential skills. Through the ongoing collaboration between VanRoey | EuroSys, KOBA and CTOUCH, these schools are taking an important step into the future of education.

Our sincere thanks to KOBA and VanRoey | EuroSys for this fine and enduring relationship. Together, we remain committed to improving digital education!

CTOUCH Riva 2, the successor to the CTOUCH Riva, is now available.

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