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What are the trends
in higher education?

Blended learning, hybrid learning, gamification
virtual classrooms. These trends will shape
the future of higher education.

From trends to reality in higher education

Almost 185,000 miles per second. That’s the speed of light. And the pace of change in our world. Globalisation, internationalisation, digitisation and personalisation are major trends, transforming every aspect of our society... including higher education. Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. Educational establishments play a vital role in preparing them for the jobs of the future.

And then *BAM*! Along came Covid-19. This resulted in educational establishments having to embrace the future, full throttle. Because of coronavirus, digital trends in particular have found their niche in the curriculum at lightning speed. From gamification and hybrid learning to virtual classrooms – we can no longer think of this as a ‘trend’, as it’s becoming reality. Mark our words.

Are you ready for our crash course on the future of higher education?

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Blended learning, co-creation, student-centricity, lifelong learning, gamification, virtual classroom. We create order out of the buzzword chaos. These trends will shape the future of higher education. Read all about it in this free whitepaper.

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