Energus Envisiage Suite

Energus attains meeting excellence with the CTOUCH Neo

Energus is an exceptional conference and training venue found next to the lovely Lake District in West Cumbria. It is here they host their own skills & training programme for the UK’s nuclear industry. Also here: inspiring and flexible spaces to rent, permanently and temporarily.

Getting Energus’ Meeting Spaces up to Standard

To complement their innovative venue, innovative technology was needed. The previous AV set up in the meeting spaces consisted of projectors and whiteboards. When Energus identified the requirement to upgrade their meeting spaces, they needed a high-quality solution to align with their collaboration strategy, budgets and sustainability goals.

For their spaces, Energus needed easy whiteboarding and screen sharing. Energus worked closely with Pure AV to make these requirements a reality. Pure AV selected several interactive panels that fit the bill for a demonstration.

Enter stage right: the CTOUCH Neo. Our interactive panel is designed for ease-of-use, boasting a highly intuitive interface with a streamlined selection of just four features. Easy whiteboarding? Check. Easy browsing? Check. Easy wired sharing? Check. Even easier wireless sharing? Check. Ultimately, Energus selected the CTOUCH Neo precisely because these features were all that was needed for their meeting spaces.

Pure AV meticulously installed five CTOUCH Neo panels in Energus' Enterprise, Encompass, Envisage, Excellence and Energy suites. Tailored accessories were added to ensure the panels were optimised for each room's purpose, spanning from presentations to (hybrid) video calls.

CTOUCH Neo: Easy to Use, Easy to Love

CTOUCH Neo in the Energus Enterprise Suite
The CTOUCH Neo in the Energus Enterprise Suite

Guest feedback has been incredibly positive. The CTOUCH Neo is considered so easy to use, it immensely improves the quality and efficiency of meetings held in the Energus suites. Users particularly appreciate the simplicity of Neo's interface, whiteboard functionality, and wireless sharing, requiring minimal instruction. The QR code to download a copy of the whiteboard is considered very pleasant, a digitally friendly alternative for a digital world. Much easier than photographing a flip-over chart and more sustainable too, cutting down lots of paper waste!

CTOUCH Sphere: Making IT Management a Breeze at Energus

A really great piece of software to use, I’m really pleased with it” - Ewan Beck, Energus IT Services Lead on CTOUCH Sphere.

The CTOUCH Neo is not the only CTOUCH solution used at Energus. Energus' IT services department plays a crucial role in offering IT support not only to their in-house facilities but also to the facilities of the venue's tenants and the rentable meeting spaces. Juggling these diverse responsibilities can be challenging, but managing CTOUCH Neo displays is decidedly unchallenging thanks our remote management system CTOUCH Sphere. CTOUCH Sphere allows Energus to easily change settings and backgrounds for the next users, set timers for the end of the day, change the background – even when working from home. Energus noted Sphere to be a powerful addition to the CTOUCH Neo, an extremely easy to use and efficient management tool.

Cutting-edge Technology for a Cutting-edge Venue

The CTOUCH Neo in the Energus Envisiage Suite
The CTOUCH Neo in the Energus Envisiage Suite

CTOUCH Neo has made its home in Energus spaces to hire, providing guests with an easy-to-use solution to all their meeting needs. From easy whiteboarding to easy screen sharing to easily enabling following-up by offering a download option for notes. We are sure all Energus guests, no matter the suite they choose, will have an excellent meeting experience!

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