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Compaxo: tradition meets future proof meeting technology

From pork processing facility to a well-established presence in the Netherlands and beyond: the butchery trade has been unmistakably linked to the Post family for years. Compaxo is a family business with roots dating back five generations, founded in 1896. Over the years, passing down traditions and experiences through generations has given the current company a strong foundation of knowledge.

Our partner Wifimedia Projects has worked closely together with Compaxo for 17 years. Naturally, they were brought on when Compaxo's location in Zevenaar underwent renovation. The new office space was to feature a boardroom, a conference room, and multiple meeting rooms of assorted sizes. Wifimedia Projects was enlisted to fully outfit these rooms with AV technology, networks and cameras. They were not only brought on as advisors, but also partially involved in the execution of this project

For the AV technology, Compaxo had secure video conferencing as #1 priority. To meet this need, Wifimedia Projects recommended CTOUCH. Compaxo chose the CTOUCH Riva to make secure internal and external video conferencing more than possible. The built-in microphone array significantly simplifies video calling. Finally, the CTOUCH Riva is compatible with most common camera brands. All the ingredients for a splendid and secure video conferencing set up.

Wifimedia Projects handled the installation of the Riva screens and provided training for Compaxo employees, after which the Riva was ready for use. And what use! The CTOUCH Riva is extensively used in Compaxo's daily operations. From meetings to presentations, users are incredibly pleased with the support provided by these interactive displays.

The CTOUCH Riva 2, the successor to the Riva, is now available.

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