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Rockfon goes hybrid with CTOUCH touchscreens

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Rockfon produces beautiful acoustic ceiling and wall solutions that provide extra concentration in classrooms, more enjoyment in restaurants and more peace in a working environment. In October 2022, Rockfon's Belgian headquarters and factory in Wijnegem experienced a genuine renovation. were asked to also renovate Rockfon’s digital partition.

Hybrid proof - more concentration, fun and peace of mind

Rockfon's factory is located just off the Albert Canal in Wijnegem. After a thorough renovation, the Belgian office was transformed into a state-of-the art facility that was officially reopened by Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon in 2022.

Like the entire building, the meeting rooms are also of high quality. Via Group Jansen - contractor in the renovation project - was selected to furnish the innovative meeting rooms. Rockfon invested in several interactive CTOUCH screens supplemented by the 'Teams-certified' products of Yealink. Among other things, this combination facilitates hybrid meetings and whiteboarding via Microsoft Teams.

No more expensive and long journeys

Given the international nature of the company, long and expensive relocations often took place. Today, Rockfon employees and visitors no longer need to move around for meetings and training. Employees can now video call, chat, share files or collaborate on documents from any location (at home or abroad). Less stress, more concentration, fun and peace of mind!

In addition, the regular at the front desk, Suzy, can also work with an interactive info screen at the entrance. At events, visits or for internal facts, real-time content can be transferred to the info screen.

High-end meeting rooms - integrated with Microsoft Teams

CTOUCH’s interactive displays bring innovation and teamwork to life. Specifically, was asked to furnish 5 meeting rooms:

  • Large meeting room (training room): 2x CTOUCH Riva 75″
  • Medium-sized meeting rooms (2): CTOUCH Riva 65″
  • Smaller meeting rooms (2): CTOUCH Riva 55″

In each room, took care of hanging, installation and finishing. In total, we installed 6 screens against the wall and 1 screen was placed on a mobile stand. This mobile screen is located in the showroom and serves according to need. This CTOUCH Riva 86″ can be used for various applications and is easy to reconfigure as needed.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams

Both on the mobile Riva and in each meeting room, a Yealink MVC 400 video conferencing system was installed that integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Teams. By giving each room a 'unique ID' in Microsoft Exchange, rooms can easily be booked via Outlook and there is also clarity on who booked which room.

This info is also displayed on the small Yealink screens on the outside. Useful for those who want to quickly pop into a room for a short meeting. Using the small screens, you can immediately book a room.

In short, thanks to and CTOUCH the entire Rockfon team can meet and collaborate proactively, efficiently and completely digitally!

CTOUCH Riva 2, the successor to the CTOUCH Riva, is now available.

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