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The future of work:
trends &

How does the ideal workplace
of the future look like?

About trends & predictions that are shaping the future workplace

The true desk jockeys amongst us are having a tough time. They have been forced to exchange their familiar, companionable office jungle for the solo, ‘caged’ existence of working from home. How long this will last, only time will tell. But better times await us and one day those office doors will once again open wide to those enthusiasts. That said, we do anticipate that the environment behind those doors will have a completely different look and feel. Prior to the current crisis, the design of offices was already being rethought and, in the slipstream of Covid-19, that thinking is gaining momentum. So, have you thought about what your ideal workplace of the future will look like?

In this whitepaper, we will look back briefly, but will mainly look ahead to the trends shaping the future of the modern workplace. We will also list our ten predictions of the future. And there’s no need to worry - in the future workplace those ambitious desk jockeys will once again have an advantage.

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For quite a while, the time has been ripe for a new chapter in the manual for the ideal, modern workplace. Add to that the recent, unprecedented impact of the corona crisis and it is clear that we are entering the next decade with fully redesigned office environments. Read all about the trends & predictions that are shaping the future of the modern workplace.

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