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Blog 30-11-2020

What are we struggling with while working from home?

"Working from home? No, that is something for later. That is something for the future!"

Working from home is something for the future. Or not? Before corona, working from home was already on the rise, but the current pandemic has accelerated it. And look where we are now. Suddenly we are (almost) all working from home. We don't know any better. This is reality. That distant future? That is not a future anymore, that is now! But what does it all mean? In one of our whitepapers, we take you along in the search for balance in this new way of working from home. And we explain to you how you can collaborate perfectly from a distance!

Working from home has shown everyone that a lot is possible. At least 98% of the employees say they would like to continue working from home during their further career. We understand that completely! Showing up in your pj’s every day at 'work' sounds good. However, it's not always sunshine and rainbows (one can only hope).

What are we struggling with in the new normal?

1. Working from home isn’t for everyone

Working at home is just not suitable for everyone. Some prefer routine and structure. Or collaborate face-to-face, as happens in the office. Some employees, on the other hand, love it! Working at your own desk. Your delicious cup of coffee, because it simply tastes much better at home than at the office. Our Product Marketer, for instance, likes to work from home. But our marketing intern? Not so much... Sometimes though. Looking for tips to make working from home a success? We've listed 8 top tips how you can work remotely!

2. Unplugging after work

It turns out that 'switching off' is the most difficult among employees. Why is it the most difficult? Normally, we would close the door at the office behind us. We would get in the car or on our bikes and go home. That is no longer the case. We have breakfast at the kitchen table, read the latest news over there, and drink that delicious cup of coffee there 😉. But now we also work and discuss at that very same kitchen table. We do everything in the same place, so the 'switching off' is no longer so obvious.

3. The personal contact

Besides, research shows that many employees have difficulty with the lack of personal interaction. They feel isolated. Which, of course, is a bit true. People are social beings and prefer not to be alone. Most of them then... But everyone works at home now. Colleagues don't see each other anymore. That marketing intern we were talking about? She really misses us a lot. Our love for Microsoft Teams may have grown, but seeing each other (at the office or after work) is much more fun.

4. Distractions at home

According to many, working from home ensures a balance between work and private life. Employees feel that they have more time with their families. Sounds great, but that isn’t always the case. The moment you are working, you need to be able to focus and concentrate. That can be difficult with screaming children. With your partner who needs your help for a while. Or because of your pet that also needs attention. You almost want to go back to the office, right?

The modern workplace?

That working from home, or the new way of working, would become normal this fast, surprised everyone. We all have to prepare for the workplace of the future. Exciting but challenging at the same time. One thing is for sure, working from home is not going anywhere! To make sure that you can cope with all these struggles, we have listed several tips. How do you collaborate from a distance? What do I need for the workplace of the future?

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