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Blog 16-02-2024

The best touch-powered apps for presentations

Presentations. Presenting. Presenter. Panic? Certainly not, as these touch-powered apps will ensure that your presentation lands effectively with your audience!


The biggest question all presenters struggle with: how do I engage my audience? Why, with Mentimeter of course! Involve your audience with live polls, quizzes and Q&As. With so many possibilities, Mentimeter is sure to be your new go-to interactive presentation tool.

Second biggest question: is it touch-compatible? Well, it wouldn't be on the list otherwise... Mentimeter is fully touch compatible, ensuring smooth sailing for your presentation. Go forth and engage thy audience!

Microsoft Powerpoint

Take full advantage of all touch-powered abilities and elevate your Powerpoint Presentation to a whole new level of engagement. You can swipe between slides from where you stand and use your hand to zoom in and out of your slides in a non-linear fashion - dazzling your audience with your mastery of the slides.

Want to make a point? Use the CTOUCH pen to write, highlight or annotate over your slides. Oopsie, your handwriting is too messy to read? Simply erase the annotation with your fist and start over. All without ever having to walk back and forth to your device, greatly keeping the pace of your presentation lively.

Microsoft Power BI

Need to present your data analysis in a dynamic manner? Microsoft Power BI takes your data analysis game to the next level thanks to its compatibility with interactive touchscreens. Your data at your fingertips—literally! With just a touch, you can effortlessly navigate through all your datasets, dashboards and reports. Data exploration truly makes you feel like one of those old-school explorers.

Want to dive deeper into your data journey? No problem! Simply swipe, tap and explore to your heart's content. This hands-on approach makes analysing trends and spotting key information feel more like an expedition than a bore.


OK with sharing the presenter's spotlight? Use Miro's dynamic tools to make your audience active participants of the show. Call them on the stage, up to the interactive touchscreen and let them share their ideas and insights.

Discover how to brainstorm and plan with Miro on a CTOUCH Display

Microsoft Teams / Zoom / Google Meet / Cisco Webex

Colleagues can't make it to the office? Having a bad day and don't feel like presenting in front of a live audience? Go hybrid with an interactive touchscreen! Grab your device, share your screen wirelessly or use a cable, start your Microsoft Teams/Zoom/Google Meet/Cisco Webex call from the device, then share your screen's content in the call. The touchscreen's built-in microphone and speakers do the rest. OK fine, you still need to add a conference camera of your choice. And do the actual presentation. We believe in you!

Your presentations. Our touchscreen. Less boring, more engaging!

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