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News 03-03-2021

Learning with a WOW factor at Playing for Success

Playing for Success Eindhoven and CTOUCH give children 'a helping hand' and how!

We've been the social partner of Playing for Success Eindhoven for several years now and this partnership has recently been extended until the end of 2021! Both organisations are extremely happy and proud!

More about Playing for Success Eindhoven

The Playing for Success foundation is committed to a unique concept that enhances the development opportunities of young people. It involves children aged 9 to 14 who could use a "helping hand". Through play and solution-focused methods, self-confidence and motivational learning will grow. Children learn to express their opinions and get more pleasure out of working together. They hardly notice that "they are learning". All activities are equally spectacular and contain a dose of challenge. Everything is in addition to what the school can offer in order to give the learning process that WOW factor.

Digital and playful learning is a big score for Playing for Success

As you can read, there is never a lack of creativity at this foundation. This is evident from the way all gatherings are organised in the Park Theatre and the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven. Every day, a CTOUCH touch screen is being used and the sessions are structured with the concept of a theatre performance or a football match. And that turns out to be a big score!

Themes for the day are announced on the CTOUCH screen to warm up the children for all the fun to come. Movies are sometimes shown to explain the activities. After all, visuals are very appealing and the children are then eager to get started. Other activities immerse the children in the world of photography for a while. Proudly, their favourite pictures are selected and presented on the screen. Playing for Success also knows how to play quizzes the CTOUCH way, which ensures a fun dynamics and interaction. And thanks to courses such as 'media literacy', the children know how to put their best foot forward in the digital society. After all, you can learn to digitise and at Playing for Success and this is even made possible by one of our CTOUCH dealers.

Playing for Success Eindhoven knows how to master interactive teaching and learning with a fun twist. "We enjoy our CTOUCH screen every day and wouldn't want to work without it! What a great touchscreen, thank you very much!" says centre teacher, Anika Gordon-Dirven. CTOUCH is also very happy with the extension of the partnership. Bernard Gosselink, COO CTOUCH, says: "Learning with a WOW factor. Then Playing for Success Eindhoven and CTOUCH are the right places to be. We are more than proud to be a partner of this wonderful organisation that teaches children to collaborate creatively and experience how their self-confidence grows. We are happy to contribute to this with our touchscreens and wish everyone lots of fun learning!

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