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Digitisation in education is booming! From gamification and augmented reality to hybrid learning. It’s all becoming reality. Today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals. But how can you prepare them for a world that doesn't yet exist? In the future classroom technology will play a key role. To prepare students for the digital world of tomorrow. To boost student engagement. And to enhance collaboration. Are you ready yet? Check out these trends, tips and how-to's.

Future of education

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Bring the future classroom to life!

At CTOUCH we strive for interactive education with a fun twist. No more boring lessons, but fun and interactive learning experiences. A piece of cake with our exciting touchscreens. We understand the importance of learning 21st century skills at school like creative thinking, collaboration and solid ICT skills. That's why we are committed to bringing fast-paced touchscreen innovations. Tailored to meet the 21st century skills of students in primary, secondary and higher education. Aimed at creating the leaders of tomorrow. Yes, we are up for this challenge!

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CTOUCH Riva turns learning into fun!

The CTOUCH Riva is a super user-friendly touchscreen that brings the power of touch in any learning environment. It enables teachers to focus on what they do best, teach! Easily share your content on the big screen, write the smartest ideas on the interactive whiteboard and inspire everyone in the room. Student engagement guaranteed. It’s fun, we promise!

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No more nose picking

Engage. Enchant. Educate. With our interactive displays for classrooms, students won’t be staring out the window. Or pick their noses - during class at least ;-) Easily pair tablets, smartphones and laptops with the interactive touchscreen. Tell your students to bring their own device and let them share their content on our super easy-to-use touchscreens. With maximum flexibility and zero concessions on quality and service!

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Inspire greatness.... Mozabook

The CTOUCH Riva now ships with market leading Education teaching and learning software, mozaBook, to bring lessons to life.

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Maximum flexibility & future-proof

We're not going to tell you how to teach. But we will give you the flexibility you need. In software. In platforms. In operating systems. You get to decide what works for you. After all, you know best what your students need. One thing is certain: with CTOUCH, your students will not be learning to work with a system that may no longer exist in ten years. They will learn the technical skills required to master any programme — now and in the future.

4 Make your own rules

TrilbyTV Digital Signage for schools

Why not display important messages or student work on your touchscreen when not in use? With the unique UK bundle you can. In fact, you can use it across all your screens – free for a year!

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From trends to reality in education

From gamification and hybrid learning to virtual classrooms – we can no longer think of this as a ‘trend’, as it’s becoming reality. Mark our words. Are you ready for our crash course on the future of education?

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Virtual classrooms: student interactivity and involvement guaranteed

It can be quite a challenge to involve your students in online lessons and keep the attention there where it belongs. A virtual classroom offers the best remote teaching experience. Interactivity and involvement guaranteed! It almost feels like your students are actually in the room with you! Add to that the magic of interactive touchscreens and you can get started!

More about virtual classrooms

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Digiboards must be intuitive and easy to work with. CTOUCH offers easy-to-use and reliable interactive touchscreens with a friendly, personal service. We provide:

  • Peace of mind; a rare find nowadays. Leave it up to us to show you how proper service is done.
  • 7 year warranty. Free of charge. All we ask for is a bit of your time and information so we can surprise you with our service in the future.
  • Personal service that just works. Whether it's our service team taking your call, or our carefully selected local partners fixing your screen. We've got you covered!
  • Want the reassurance of extra quick service? Go for Priority Care! Priority Care service requests are always picked up first. And you are the first to hear about our latest upgrades, features or workshops.

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Jo Raeyen, Liphook Junior School Business Manager

"The decision to swap the ‘old school’ whiteboard and projector combination for single interactive flat displays was an easy one!"

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Make your lessons come alive!

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