Exclusive Software Packages

When purchasing a Laser Nova and Laser Sky touchscreen in the UK, users receive exclusive software packages free of charge. The software provides both an exceptional teaching application as well as a fantastic digital signage tool for the entire education establishment.

Oktopus TrilbyTV

Oktopus Software

Annotate, collaborate, present and poll with the exclusive Oktopus and CTOUCH software bundle. Oktopus, interactive presentation and collaboration software allows you to annotate over any content or application. This exclusive bundle includes...

✓ 2 Install OKTOPUS Presenter (1 Year License)
✓ 40 Student Collaboration License
✓ Key Stage 1 - 4 UK Content for OKTOPUS – 2000 lessons (Download + use – 3-year Licence)
✓ Virtual Polling 1 presenter + 40 Student Polling (3-year licence)
✓ XIMBUS for Google and Microsoft 1 presenter + 40 Student Collaboration (3-year licence)
✓ OKTOPUS for Android (full version with additional tools).
✓ OKTOPUS for Android App (full version with additional tools)

TrilbyTV Software

Why not displays important messages or student work on your touchscreen when not in use? With the unique UK bundle you can. In fact, you can use it across all your screens
– free for a year!

✓ FOC License for 1 year - your content on your screens
✓ Display information in real time
✓ Upload content from any device, desktop or mobile
✓ Display different content on an unlimited number of screens.
✓ Playback using any Apple, Microsoft, Android and Google device.
✓ Supports portrait or landscape screens.

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