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Virtual training room

Interactivity and engagement in
a virtual learning environment.
With the magic of touchscreens!

A room with a view

In both education and business, remote working and blended learning are determined to play a big role in the future of collaboration. But how can you bring interactivity and engagement into this new virtual learning environment? Combining a neatly equipped virtual classroom with a little magic touch of interactive displays does the trick!

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Saving time and travel costs

Inviting dozens of people to a physical location can be challenging. Organizing a product training, department briefing or history class can easily be done online nowadays. This saves valuable time and travel costs. And with a virtual classroom, it’s almost like everyone is actually in the room with you!

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Unique online training concept

CTOUCH’ virtual training room, located in the Innovation District in Eindhoven is one of the few of its kind in the Benelux and has a unique integration with touchscreens. We enable companies and institutes to organize real-time, interactive meetings and classes with co-workers or students alike.

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What does it bring you?

  • Forget sitting down behind a boring laptop. Stand up in front of your team to host an interactive training or meeting.
  • Have a complete view of all participants (all names and faces on-screen)
  • Organize break-out sessions: split attendees into small groups to work on tasks or discussions
  • Use the interactive whiteboard(s) to show concepts or write down notes
  • View the level of participation of attendees
  • Move freely across the room without losing sight of attendees
  • Have a seamless, real-time interaction with your students or colleagues

The power of a virtual classroom

A purpose-built platform
teaching & learning

We learn best when there is engagement and interaction

The best remote
teaching experience

Forget teaching to a laptop screen, but stand up and teach to your life-sized audience

An immersive learning

Offer your audience a live and active learning experience, just like in a normal class

Rhys Duindam – Product Designer at CTOUCH (and a damn good one)

"It’s great to draw and explain the ideas behind my product designs to overseas colleagues in a virtual context, where they can engage and ask me silly questions at the same time"

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Benefits for students or attendees

  • Attend a virtual class or training from any place in the world. All you need is a Chrome browser
  • Save time and money in traveling all the way to a physical location
  • Multiple cameras ensure that you can make eye contact with the trainer
  • Decide what content to watch: the room, a video, the whiteboard, a presentation
  • Access session recordings at your own convenience
  • Have a natural interaction with your lecturer or trainer. Just raise your hand if you have a question
  • Have a dynamic view of a presentation that is hosted in spacious room
  • Easily work together with other participants in break-out sessions

Partners we work with

We can't do it alone. But who can? We certainly can’t! We believe in working with outstanding partners.

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