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Blog 17-09-2021

Even more functionalities for your touchscreen? Best in class with Android 10!

The first large format touchscreen manufacturer to offer an Android 10 operating system? That’s us! For our CTOUCH Riva, we’ve developed even more functionalities and we’ve improved the security options. With an updated annotation tool, the ability to run multiple accounts on one screen, and a smart floating bar, we take the power of touch in your classrooms and meeting rooms to the next level. Read along!

Trust your screen: get straight to work

As a teacher, you’re often on a tight schedule. And frequently, on your way to your next class, you're approached by colleagues or students. Obviously, you take the time to chat with them. But sometimes it means that you will enter the classroom only a few minutes before your next lesson starts. When that happens, you don't want to waste time starting up your touchscreen. You just want to get started, and to be able to use your screen with confidence.

No fuss - a user-friendly and accessible user interface

This confidence comes not only from the security aspects, but also from a user-friendly and accessible experience. You need to be able to use a screen independently and without fuss, particularly when you have such a busy schedule. With Android 10, we've been able to make the COS user interface on your screen self-explanatory. What exactly does that mean? Well, the main thing is that you don't need an IT department to be able to understand the screen. You don't even need to follow a tutorial!

Thanks to the improved floating bar, the icons are now even clearer. We've also added text and a short explanation in a number of places – to avoid any confusion, but also so you can jump in and get started right away. Isn't that handy?

In a major step forward, the annotation tool has been redesigned, enabling it to operate separately from the whiteboard functionality. Sometimes you really need that whiteboard, but just as often you'll be in class explaining a text that just happens to be saved in a PDF file. Instead of switching between the two apps, you can now take your notes real-time: you draw, write and shade on the existing text or page thanks to an improved overlay function. Because that's another area in which you don't want to waste time looking for the right apps and functionalities.

One classroom, one screen; multiple users!

Another big advantage is that we've added multi-user functionality. You probably don't have the same access rights as your fellow teachers, and some colleagues will have other preferences too (a history teacher doesn't necessarily need the same tools as a maths teacher).

Instead of one user per screen, you now have the option to log in with separate codes on different devices. Secure and practical!

By enabling multiple accounts to be registered on one screen, we allow you to save your work seamlessly and without causing issues for your colleagues. It means that you can deal with personal or classified information on your screen without stress, because your colleagues will use their own login details to sign in. In addition to being more user-friendly, it means that you can get to work faster and security levels are higher.

The updated functionalities on your screen at a glance:

1. Ready-to-use user interface: straight to work, no help required

2. Adapted and improved annotation tool. Teaching becomes even more interactive, and you can give lessons and presentations with no interruptions

3. Multiple users can now use the same screen easily and safely

Moving to an Android 10 operating system allowed us to take the burden off first line support by giving control of the tools to the users themselves. You can start using the touchscreen right away.

Are you ready for Android 10 on our improved CTOUCH Riva? Achieve that killer workflow with an even better user experience and inspire everyone in your class or presentation room.

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