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News 23-06-2021

CTOUCH first to introduce touchscreen operating system based on Android 10 in autumn 2021

Touchscreen manufacturer CTOUCH plans to equip its renowned CTOUCH Operating System (COS) with an upgrade to the Android 10 platform in the autumn of 2021. The CTOUCH Riva, a popular and widely-used touchscreen in primary schools, will be the first model to be equipped with this new platform. Even more, CTOUCH will also offer current users of the CTOUCH Riva, as well as owners of the previous generation CTOUCH touchscreens (Laser Sky and Nova), the possibility to upgrade their devices to the new Android 10 environment. This new platform will provide more functionalities and additional security features compared to currently used operating systems such as Android 8 and 9.

“We’re excited to be the first touchscreen manufacturer in the world to bring a platform based on Android 10 to the IFPD market”, says Anthony van Oijen, Manager Product & Innovation at CTOUCH. “Usability, security, future-proofness and sustainability are four key pillars of our product development strategy. Our new Android 10 solution will offer exactly that to the users of our current and future touchscreens.”

More functionalities

The Android 10-based OS from CTOUCH (COS) will have many new functionalities, like:

  • Multiple user logins, allowing different users to log into their own account with their personal settings on the same screen.
  • Multi tasking to make it easy to use multiple apps at the same time.
  • Enhanced annotation application to combine real whiteboard functionalities with the ease of annotation tools.
  • A self-explanatory user interface that is easier to learn and makes teachers more comfortable using COS. This helps them to get the most out of the screen.

Enhanced security

In terms of security, Android 10 offers several improvements to raise the level of security and better protect the user from privacy perspective. Features like enhanced encryption, app permission control and the use of biometrics such as fingerprint recognition in apps will become available. The new modular Android 10 component enables easier and faster system upgrades and patches in the future.

Future-proof & sustainable

The new features and improved security offered by Android 10 allow users to extend the lifespan of their screen. This saves them money and together we reduce loads of CO2 emissions throughout the whole supply chain. Yes, we’re talking about a real win-win situation here!

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