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CTOUCH’s sustainable interactive panels and the DFE Energy Efficiency Fund

The UK government has allocated £500 million for schools and colleges across England to help improve their overall energy efficiency and reduce their energy bills. These institutions can use this funding to improve the the energy efficiency of ICT and education equipment.

That's where CTOUCH enters the story, green cape flying! CTOUCH interactive panels are the most sustainable on the market. We can support schools to maximise their energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability.

CTOUCH complies with the DFE energy efficiency guidance

The Department of Education released Energy efficiency: guidance for the school and further education college estate. This guidance discusses how educational institutions can reduce their energy demand and consumption, energy costs and carbon emissions.

When it comes to technology and equipment, this guidance states:

  • "When buying or installing equipment, consider using management tools to centrally change settings across all devices to lower energy use."
  • "When buying new equipment, factor in energy efficiency as part of your decisions. Consider whether increased costs upfront will be offset by savings over time with more energy efficient equipment."

CTOUCH interactive panels:

  • always include a version of CTOUCH Sphere, our remote mangement system software. CTOUCH Sphere not only enables IT admins to manage panels remotely, the tool also tracks energy usage in sustainability dashboards. These dashboards give insight and allows IT to make changes going forward.
  • are very energy efficient! Don't just take our word for it, see it for yourself in our Energy Saving Calculator.

As such, CTOUCH complies with the energy guidance from the DFE!

CTOUCH Riva R2: sustainable to the core

The CTOUCH Riva R2 is the most sustainable interactive panel for primary and secondary education. It consumes up to 40% less energy compared to similar panel models on the market. We've why it's the right fit for your energy efficiency goals in the article The Most Sustainable Touchscreens for Your School.

Read product information CTOUCH Riva R2

CTOUCH is the most sustainable IFPD manufacturer on the market.

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