News 18-11-2019

CTOUCH nominated as an InAvation Awards 2020 finalist

Patience is a virtue, but the word is out! We are very proud to announce that CTOUCH has been nominated for the InAVation Business Awards 2020 in the category ‘The Sustainability Award’. Our entry focusses on two sustainable initiatives: CTOUCH Sustainability Passport and CTOUCH BRIX.

The InAVation Awards, powered by ISE, provide a platform to recognise the very best global AV projects and technology. So do industry’s distributors, project managers and consultants get a place in the spotlights. Now in their 14th year, the awards are a long-standing and very popular element of the world’s largest professional AV show.

Winners will be revealed at the InAVation Awards ceremony in Amsterdam on February 11 – the first evening of the ISE 2020 show.

“It is a great honour to be nominated in the category ‘The Sustainability Award’,” says Remmelt van der Woude, CEO at CTOUCH. “Sustainability is a high priority on our agenda. At CTOUCH we care about the environment and we want our interactive touchscreens to be sustainable. Both in design and usage. We already use recyclable materials and our CTOUCH screens come with a materials passport. This is very unique in our market. In addition, our screens come along with an Energy Star certificate and we are industry leading with the highest energy label: A+. And we now go beyond that. We are on a mission to take ownership and to increase the lifecycle of touchscreens. The outcome? Reducing the CO2 footprint of our products. We believe this is key to successfully contributing to sustainability. We are proud we have made this happen.”

CTOUCH Sustainability Passport
Together with the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), CTOUCH conducted research on the CO2impact of manufacturing and using touchscreens. A materials passport (‘The Sustainability Passport’) enables us to create awareness about the CO2 impact of touchscreens. It also triggers dialogs with our partners about re-usage of these electronics, creating environmental and commercial benefits.

Another mission that we have taken upon us is to increase the lifecycle of touchscreens. This requires a circular business model, in which touchscreens can be re-used in the future by modular upgrades. This eliminates the need for continuously producing completely new touchscreens. This concept resulted in CTOUCH BRIX.

Our rock solid solution: CTOUCH BRIX

BRIX is a modular business model, using the touchscreen as a basic platform, which is upgradeable via modules. In a nutshell, this means companies will be able to upgrade or migrate to different collaboration solutions within their meeting room or huddle space. This can be done without having to completely replace their CTOUCH touchscreen. As a result we save companies a lot of money and together we reduce loads of CO2 emission. Yes, we’re talking about a win-win situation here.

Check out for more info about BRIX.

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