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Blog 17-02-2022

6 tips for addressing cybersecurity at school

Part 3 of our blog series about cybersecurity in education

By: Etienne van Bavel, security expert at CTOUCH

You can never rule out the possibility of being confronted with cybercrime completely. But you can try to reduce the risk as much as possible. In this blog, we have some practical tips for you for addressing cyber security at your school. Better be safe than sorry!

1. Implement a password policy. For example, stating that everyone at the school will receive a reminder to update their password every three months. Set clear criteria for password composition. And no: changing 'superman09' to 'superman10' is not acceptable. 😉

2. Distribute ‘fake phishing emails’ to monitor which colleagues click on them and how often. Then share the results and make staff aware of the consequences of clicking on phishing emails. Think before you click!

3. Examine your network or have it examined. Do pupils and teachers use the same WiFi? Parse your network into smaller segments that cannot communicate with one another. This will prevent cyber threats from spreading from the inside and make things more difficult for hackers, both internally and externally.

4. Check which devices are connected to the WiFi. To get the most out of your CTOUCH touchscreen, you need to connect it to the internet. Safely do this, but do not save any personal data on your screen and provide each teacher with a unique pin code to access the touchscreen with. 

5. Have you read our news on Android 10? A tip of the iceberg: this operating system allows you to allocate roles and permissions that restrict who can access which publications and documents. There's also the option of encrypting all kinds of files so that people cannot run off with them. But, there's much more that Android 10 can offer!

6. Did you know that firmware updates also give your screen the best protection? And besides fixing bugs, it also protects your hardware and software from vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity all the way to the classroom: we have got your back

The above tips are only the most important. Take a critical look at your own school: what happens every day? Where are the risks? And who are the users? Talk to the stakeholders and determine a strategy that works best for you. And do you need help with that? Etienne or our other security experts are ready to help you.

I want to have a chat with a security expert!

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