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Blog 28-01-2024

Video conferencing with Microsoft Teams Rooms on a CTOUCH display

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a collaboration system that integrates with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Rooms provides high-quality video conferencing with intelligent features and AI capabilities. It also offers secure, remote management of displays for businesses.

Most importantly: it offers touch controls and CTOUCH touch-enabled displays for direct engagement in collaborative activities! Here's the reasons why Microsoft Teams Rooms on a CTOUCH display might be the right fit for your meeting room.

Collaborate on a hybrid whiteboard

Use Teams Rooms to collaborate effectively during meetings. Draw, annotate and manipulate content directly on the screen's whiteboard during meetings.

Microsoft 365 integration

Access and collaborate on documents through Microsoft 365 integration. Work seamlessly with in-person and remote participants.

Join meetings from the calendar with a touch

Managing meetings and appointments is easy with the touchscreen interface. Users can easily initiate or join meetings with a touch. Touch lets users manage meeting participants and mute/unmute attendees.

Secure, remote management of displays with Office 365

Microsoft Teams Rooms is secure and compliant due to Microsoft 365. It interoperates with third-party devices and platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Webex. Microsoft provides regular updates, features, security enhancements, and performance optimizations. All of which is managed through their Teams Admin portal for devices.

Centralised management

Deploy and provision Teams Rooms devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager for consistency across multiple rooms.

IT professionals can manage and monitor Microsoft Teams Rooms via the Teams admin console.

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