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News 15-04-2021

UK partnership with educational software and content developer Mozaik Education

CTOUCH UK announces official partnership with incredible Education teaching and learning software and content developer, Mozaik Education.

CTOUCH has today announced an official partnership with one of the World’s leading Educational Software developers Mozaik Education in the UK. The software is renowned for producing an extensive range of incredibly detailed 3D content for Education of all levels covering audio files, 3D multimedia content, static images, and lesson plans.

The software boasts some impressive figures for Educators and learners alike, with 40 languages, 1258 3D scenes, 119 tools and games, 1094 videos and 250 digital lessons to name a few.

Gregg Ringer, Head of Market Development for CTOUCH UK commented,

“This is such an exciting element to the already comprehensive package that comes with the CTOUCH Riva. The software caters for the occasional user that simply requires a wide range of in-class whiteboarding tools, all the way up to advanced users wanting to create the most immersive subject specific education content I have ever seen. It is genuinely incredible!”

Partnering with other manufacturers

CTOUCH already takes a unique approach to their propositions by partnering with other manufacturers that are best in their field, so they can offer the very best solution for Education customers. Their existing partnerships with TrilbyTV, Radix, JBL, Microsoft and others are enviable, and this latest addition is a real win for customers.

Ringer continued, “Last year especially has shown us that the power of many can bring about great things, and we certainly subscribe to this in our Business as well. We are specialists in touchscreen manufacturing and have been for nearly 20 years. Rather than trying to dabble in audio, software, or digital signage, we forge powerful alliances with others who are the very best in these areas. What the customer receives is an incredible solution where every element offers specific value for their industry”.

Ildikó Török, Dr, Business Development Director at Mozaik Education, hopes that this cooperation between the companies will help with the creation of an effective environment for education. “Mozaik Education is focusing on addressing teachers' needs for innovative and helpful content since it was established as a textbook publisher 30 years ago. Education today faces challenges worldwide. The question today is not only what to teach; it is just as important to decide how and in what form we should pass on knowledge to future generations. Our MozaBook software aims to support those who want help to teach the study materials more easily and in a more engaging way” said Dr. Török.

The Mozaik software will be bundled free of charge with the CTOUCH Riva, and until the 30th of July will include a 3-year license to the incredible online resources.

More about the CTOUCH Riva

The CTOUCH Riva is an all-in-one touchscreen platform, specifically designed for education. With the CTOUCH Riva any user will be able to easily share their screen to the audience, write the smartest ideas on the instant whiteboard and truly inspire everyone in the room. This touchscreen’s operating system is based on Android 8.0. The display is equipped with high quality Triple S glass and comes with TrueBeam Touch technology, which ensures the most natural handwriting experience. It includes Digital Signage software from TrilbyTV, Mobile Device Management Software from Radix, 2 x 40-Watt speakers from JBL and a 7-year warranty.

Riva - MozaBook

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