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Blog 30-11-2021

This is how you prevent cyber attacks

In today's world we can work from virtually and is everything and everyone digitally connected. Technological developments are transpiring in rapid succession and offer companies plenty of new opportunities. One thing is abundantly clear: digitalisation and investing in technology will increase dramatically.

But watch out! The rapid advance of digitalisation means that cybercrime is also on the rise! Do you take cyber security seriously enough? Because although we are all ‘connected’, everyone who ventures into the digital world can become a victim of this new form or crime. Just think about it your employees for a minute. They are connecting their own computers and smartphones to the company network more and more often. Or they are reusing the same password for different systems. And these are just a few examples of the most common vulnerabilities for companies.

You can never entirely eliminate the risk that cybercrime will affect your business. What you can do, however, is trying to reduce that risk wherever possible. Okay, but how? We have a handy checklist for preventing cyber-attacks. You and your employees can work safely anywhere, anytime!

Checklist to prevent cyber attacks

Download the checklist here!

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