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News 31-03-2023

Sustainable leader CTOUCH continues to improve the touchscreen supply chain

Source: CSR Netherlands.

Electronics and responsible manufacturing do not always seem to be the best combination. The production of phones, for example, puts high pressure on the environment, with associated risks to workers' health. Extracting raw materials in mines, for example, can be dangerous. Stories about toxic chemicals in the production of phone screens are also well known. CTOUCH takes a different approach. This company makes touchscreens for schools and businesses, where CTOUCH considers tackling climate change necessary. The company is on a mission to minimise CO2 emissions from its products, with its carbon footprint to shrink by 60% by 2025.

Visibility into the chain for more impact

You only achieve these big ambitions with changes in the chain, the touchscreen manufacturer realised. Therefore, the company wanted to know who is involved in processing its products, what happens to the materials and how it can set up a sustainable end-of-life for its products.

It's a lot to process, but with the help of the IMVO voucher, CTOUCH conducted an overview study. The company now knows which parts have the most potential for sustainability. Moreover, CTOUCH now knows for sure that the right path is already set to be the most sustainable manufacturer of interactive displays in the world.

Remmelt van der Woude, CTOUCH
"We want more insight into the suppliers, the possible CSR risks and the origin of all materials and components, because we want to guarantee that we make our products sustainably and fairly." - Remmelt van der Woude, CTOUCH CEO

Next steps

CTOUCH continues to move forward: researching the effectiveness of their recycling, they developed a stronger life-cycle analysis. Finally, CTOUCH critically examined the suppliers of a new partner from China with the CSR Risk Check, which allowed them to exclude CSR risks.

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