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News 01-11-2022

Quarterly sustainability update – these are the Q3 highlights

CTOUCH is on a mission to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe. In this third quarter update, we inform you about the key initiatives we have taken in the past months that contribute to reaching our goals: lowering our CO2 footprint by 60% and increasing the circularity of our products by 25% in 2025.

In this edition:

💚 Save on your electricity bill with CTOUCH touchscreens

💚 Sustainability Passport for CTOUCH Neo available now

💚 Key facts & figures from our Interactive Sustainability Dashboard

💚 Planting 2,500 trees together with Trees for All

💚 How CTOUCH contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals

Save on your electricity bill with CTOUCH touchscreens

Fact #1: energy prices in Europe have increased dramatically
Fact #2: our touchscreens are one of the most energy-efficient touchscreens on the market

Save Watts and Watts of Money

We like to show you how sustainable our touchscreens are and how much money you can save on your electricity bill when choosing CTOUCH instead of another brand. This is why we are introducing the Energy Saving Calculator. Simply select a CTOUCH touchscreen and a competitor brand and... *boom*... you immediately see how much electricity and money you can save annually using CTOUCH. Your benefit? Several hundreds of euros, dollars or pounds per year!

Calculate your savings

CTOUCH Neo Sustainability Passport now available

We recently introduced the CTOUCH Neo, the easiest-to-use touchscreen ever. To identify the environmental impact of the Neo throughout its life cycle, we conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). These results are included in the CTOUCH Neo Sustainability Passport.

CTOUCH is the first (and currently the only) touchscreen manufacturer with a Sustainability Passport for its products. Through our Sustainability Passports we provide transparency of the used resources in our touchscreens. This enables us to create awareness about the CO2 impact of products, to make sustainable choices for further product development and to increase circularity. It also triggers dialogs with our partners about re-using our touchscreens, creating environmental and customer benefits. This offers both environmental and customer benefits. A real win-win situation!

Key facts & figures from our Interactive Sustainability Dashboard

Did you know that:

  • the CO2 impact of our touchscreens is highest in the production and use phase?
  • by using CTOUCH screens in the eco mode or backlight-off mode you can reduce emissions up to 83%?

CTOUCH touchscreens always come in eco mode by default. This saves you loads of energy! You can find these facts and more figures in our Interactive Sustainability Dashboard. This dashboard provides insight into the CO2 footprint of our products at each life cycle stage and the materials used. It now also includes information on the new CTOUCH Neo 75” and 86”. Data on the 55”and 65” Neo will be available early 2023.

Planting 2,500 trees together with Trees for All

CTOUCH plants one tree for every CTOUCH screen that is activated with Heartbeat. Together with our partner Trees for All, we are going to plant 2,500 trees in a forest near our Netherlands-based head office to honour the activations of 2022. Planting will take place on December 6 during the dedicated ‘Boomplantdag’ (‘Tree Planting Day’). The trees planted will compensate the CO2 emitted by our products during their entire life cycle.

Forests play a major role in tackling climate change. Therefore, it is important that we protect and restore our existing forests and plant new ones. In this way we ensure a better climate, more biodiversity and healthier living conditions for everyone. As partner of Trees for All, we are happy to contribute to a green and healthy world. 🌳

How CTOUCH contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals

Striving for a sustainable, circular and socially responsible future is a major undertaking. In our sustainability journey, we are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To CTOUCH, all the SDGs are important and we have the ability to contribute to all these goals. At the same time, we are convinced that we will be more effective if we refine our focus. Therefore, we have adopted four SDGs where we can make a real difference:

  • SDG 4: Education quality
  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG 12: Responsible production and consumption
  • SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals

Read on to discover how CTOUCH contributes to these 4 SDGs 🌍🌱

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