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Blog 20-06-2022

Our sales manager of Finland & Sweden is all about lifelong learning

What does he look forward to the most? New things. His guiding principle is lifelong learning. He also cannot wait to make a difference in Finland and Sweden. Any problems? Nope, not if it is up to him. Challenges? Perhaps, perhaps. How can one man manage two countries? Fortunately, his motto is: work smarter, not harder! We would like to introduce you to Olli Rannisto, Sales Manager Finland & Sweden.

You chose CTOUCH! Why?

Before joining CTOUCH, I worked as a teacher in special education for 15 years. Then I worked for 15 years in various positions at resellers. Not to mention, I also worked as an entrepreneur. Could anything be missing? Working for the manufacturer, of course! Hello, CTOUCH!

My guiding principle is lifelong learning (rather conspicuous for the teacher, huh? 😊). I also wanted to do and learn new things. It gives me both energy and pleasure.

CTOUCH seemed like the right choice. When I came to Eindhoven for the very first time, I immediately noticed how dynamic and full of energetic and smiling people it was. That certainly made an impact on me. Moreover, I have worked with rather large companies, so CTOUCH was a good, different choice in that aspect as well.

What does your average day as sales manager for Finland and Sweden look like?

My day starts between 06:00 and 06:30 (early bird!). I take my dog out for a nice walk, I have breakfast and then my day as a sales manager starts. Luckily, Olli is well organised because his day starts with planning. Is the planning ready? Yes? Good, then we can call customers, both resellers and end-users, to make appointments.

Finland is, geologically speaking, quite a big country. Now that the pandemic is almost behind us, hopefully, we want to see each other in person. I, therefore, spend a lot of time in the car. Or in Team meetings, for that matter!

I believe that the human touch is the most important thing. Thus, building meaningful relationships with customers is what I am all about. Of course, we totally agree on that! 🤩

Okay, the workday is over! Now there is time again for exercise and my family. I try to follow the 8:8:8 model. That means 8 hours of work, 8 hours of free time, and 8 hours of rest. It does not always work out. But I am most productive that way.

What are the most fun/interesting conversations you have had with clients so far and why?

In my previous job, I worked as a consultant in education, and the most interesting discussions were about technology in education. The world is changing rapidly. And education must respond just as quickly. I like discussing this with other people, since we all have different opinions, and we can learn from each other. We live in a world where technology is used extensively and so it should also be in education whether we like it or not.

You have been a teacher in special education. That sounds very interesting!

Yes, that is right, for 15 years! I started the first 4 years as a music teacher. But I continued as a teacher in special education for children with severe learning problems. A very challenging job. But at the same time very satisfying. As a teacher, I used all the technology I could get my hands on to motivate the children to learn. That is how I ended up in IT after my teaching years.

Okay, Olli, what else should we know about you? How do you like to spend your free time?

In my spare time, I like to do sports (golf, padel and skiing in winter). We used to sail with my family, but unfortunately, there is no time for that anymore.

I also like to play the guitar and, in the summer, I sometimes perform with my bandmates. And last but not least, I love good wines!

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