News 31-08-2017

May we introduce to you…Willem Jan van der Meer

Willem Jan van der Meer is Support engineer at CTOUCH.

Together with his wife and two children he lives in Veldhoven, a town next to Eindhoven. Willem Jan hobbies vary from running, playing volleyball, skiing and snowboarding to music and technology in the broadest sense of the word. During the last 11 years he worked as a senior support engineer for several B2B businesses such as SeaChange, a software development company for video on demand, and Philips professional tv.

“CTOUCH was appealing to me because I could sense the passion for technology in combination with the entrepreneurship in an international business environment. I saw beautiful challenges in a dynamic company.

My goal in the company, together with direct colleagues, is to bring the support towards dealers, resellers and end customers to a higher level. Besides that I will manage the process of technical implementation of the new Leddura 2Meet in order to optimize the user experience.”

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