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News 16-03-2022

Introducing CTOUCH Heartbeat - the new As A Service programme

We are proud to launch a brand new As A Service programme, aimed to provide more added value to your display: CTOUCH Heartbeat. This programme will certainly bring an upset to the world of touchscreens. It goes the extra mile by adding a lifetime of support, upgrades and trainings to CTOUCH touchscreens to massively improve their runtime and experience. This leads to a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), while simultaneously putting us, and our customers, on the right path to reach our sustainability goals.

“We are beyond thrilled to introduce Heartbeat”, says Anthony van Oijen, CTO at CTOUCH. “Everything we design is done so with the CTOUCH Circle in mind. Heartbeat is our crowning achievement, capturing the security, sustainability, future-proof and customer engagement aspects in one all-encompassing, attractive package.”

The 5 pillars of Heartbeat

Heartbeat consists of five key elements that bring incremental value to any touchscreen and extend its lifetime:

  1. IT management – remotely manage touchscreens
  2. Security – lifetime of security updates
  3. Functionality – a promise of support for latest OS of external devices and onscreen app versions, always an up to date version of Android OS
  4. Training – several training programs available, online and offline
  5. Circularity – longer lifetime and repurposing

These pillars ensure that all worries and hassle are taken away from the user, providing a safe, enjoyable working environment without unpleasant surprises for many years.

IT management - CTOUCH Sphere

An important part of Heartbeat is Sphere, which allows the user to manage all touchscreens in the network remotely, and even simultaneously. Typically used by large businesses or school foundations that have a fleet of touchscreens installed, this nifty tool cuts the time IT managers spend on device maintenance or troubleshooting significantly. No longer do they need to visit several physical locations when an update is needed or an issue arises. Instead, they can do it all remotely using the easy to use CTOUCH Sphere portal.


The generally accepted period to receive updates to your touchscreen is two to three years, while the product itself is used for many more years. In this day and age, with cybercrime on the rise and threats around every corner, this imposes a threat that increases year-by-year. That is why within Heartbeat, it is guaranteed that the touchscreen will receive updates for its entire lifetime.


Keeping the touchscreen safely operable goes further than just updating the screen itself though, equally as important is support for the devices that get connected to it. Whenever a new Android, Windows or iOS arrives, Heartbeat users can rest easy, knowing the latest version will be supported with their touchscreen.


To make the most out of this fully upgraded touchscreen, several trainings are included in the Heartbeat programme.

Extended lifetime for optimum sustainability

All pillars of Heartbeat work towards sustainability: each of them help to achieve a longer product lifetime, reducing the strain on our environment. Ultimately, CTOUCH will take care to repurpose (parts of) the touchscreen as well by taking back outdated models which in turn could still be beneficial when placed in different markets, under different circumstances. This allows us to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe.


There will be 2 packages available: Heartbeat FIT and Heartbeat SAFE. Heartbeat FIT is the basic programme to which all owners of a CTOUCH Riva can enroll for free. Heartbeat SAFE is a paid, extended version offering a wealth of extra benefits to the users and is in early access now for selected CTOUCH Riva users.

Additional CTOUCH models will enter the programme in the near future.

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