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Here’s how we make and keep your touchscreen safe & secure

Security is one of the CTOUCH Circle values. It might not be as noticeable as your laptop or computer, but a touchscreen stores data and is often connected to a digital network. This makes a digital display vulnerable to security breaches.

Our aim is to make sure you are able to share your ideas and inspire your audience with no fear of sensitive data leaking. Together with cyber security expert Grant Thornton we’ve created a security baseline for our digital displays. Grant Thornton regularly performs independent security audit tests to make sure our products are safe in your hands.

In addition, CTOUCH is a member of Cyber Resilience Center Brainport. We work together with other companies in the tech industry to identify digital threats at an early stage, share knowledge about data protection and reach the highest possible security level.

With all this in mind, just how secure are our specific touchscreens exactly? We’ve listed the ways our products meet the highest security standards.

CTOUCH Canvas: Secure by design

Canvas is the most secure touchscreen available on the market, even safer than a mother’s embrace. This interactive display is optimised for use in business settings where bringing your own device is the norm. With this use in mind, we designed Canvas to have security at its core. Specifically in its core: no operating system. As there is no OS, data cannot be saved locally on the Canvas. This makes it impossible to leave any data behind after ending your meeting. The moment your device disconnects from the touchscreen, it’s over. Zero opportunity for hackers!

Physically, the Canvas is the dream of every IT administrator as it has fully configurable physical ports. Any port (such as network, USB or HDMI) can be enabled or disabled based on the company's needs.

To further prevent unwanted access, two optional modules are available for the Canvas: the Fingerprint Scanner Module and the NFC Reader module. The Fingerprint Scanner Module scans fingerprints to see if the person attached is an authorised user. The NFC Reader module reads authorized NFC cards and unlocks the touchscreen in an instant.

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CTOUCH Neo: Easy to use, hard to hack

Neo is developed especially for use in higher education and SME, settings where we expect Neo to be used by a wide variety of users. Not all of these users are allowed the same privileges; only those with an administrator approved pin code can access Neo’s sensitive settings!

The interactive presentation screen’s interface gives you quick access to the four available options: whiteboarding, wireless sharing, web browsing and source switching. It is possible to disable the web browser. Regardless of the chosen option, after ending a session all data will be wiped. Once a session is ended, no sensitive data is left behind.

Neo has no additional security modules available and we have a good reason for that. You can’t add what’s already there: the NFC reader module is built-in. Also included is the Cable Lock, which keeps cables under lock and key. A practical security measure to prevent theft or tampering with cables.

To keep Neo safe and up-to-date your specific touchscreen is automatically enrolled in Heartbeat Fit, part of our Heartbeat As-A-Service programme. Don’t worry; Heartbeat Fit is free and comes with a variety of perks. Which perks exactly? Please, do read on to find out.

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CTOUCH Riva: Modular & Future proof

The CTOUCH Riva is the classroom’s best friend. And best friends don’t share secrets with others, right? All of Riva’s settings can be hidden or locked, including the Android source.

There are several security upgrades available for the CTOUCH Riva. The most important being our Heartbeat As-A-Service programme. Heartbeat guarantees your touchscreen will live a long life in optimum health. Healthy touchscreens are safe touchscreens!

How does Heartbeat guarantee your devices security? Two subscription types are available: the free Heartbeat Fit and the paid Heartbeat Safe. Heartbeat Fit includes CTOUCH Sphere entry level, allowing you to update and manage one device at the time. This significantly reduces security risks, as updated devices are less likely to be breached.

Heartbeat Safe gives you full access to CTOUCH Sphere, allowing you to update or maintain all your devices at once. Also included in Heartbeat Safe is access to a supported Android version through either a physical module or software update. A Riva with the latest firmware and thus the highest available level of security is guaranteed with Heartbeat Safe!

In addition, the Fingerprint Scanner Module and the NFC Reader Module are compatible with the Riva for those wanting an extra security upgrade.

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