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Blog 26-10-2022

Get the most out of your touchscreen with our software solutions

Working in education is hard as it is. Let's not make it any more complicated, right? We bundle our Riva touchscreen with software designed to ease the workload of teachers and the IT department.

Show and teach

UBoardMate Creative Classroom (CC) is the perfect classroom companion; a highly intuitive whiteboarding software. This teaching software includes a whole array of teaching tools to enrich lessons, from history to algebra. Also included in the software: an annotation tool and multiple functional backgrounds. Plus, UBoardMate CC supports all common file types. Oh! You’re also able to screen capture your lessons. The list of possibilities goes on and on and on… luckily, we summarized them all in this UboardMate CC brochure. To summarize it in this article: UBoardMate CC turns your touchscreen into the interactive whiteboard of your dreams.

You can find UBoardMate, the basic version, in Riva’s app store. The CC variant is designed for use on your own device. Simply download the software via our portal, install it, open it, connect your device to the Riva and voilà! All the whiteboarding options at the tip of your finger.

More information on UBoardMate CC

Every touchscreen managed all at once

Do you expect your IT admin to walk from classroom to classroom? Travel from campus to campus? Leave that tedious time wasting in the past. Exercising is for gym teachers, not the IT department!

Let your tech experts relax in their seat with CTOUCH Sphere, our remote management system. CTOUCH Sphere allows users to manage, update and support our Riva touchscreen remotely and simultaneously. Device maintenance and troubleshooting is significantly less strenuous when there’s no need to come out of the safe space of your cubicle anymore!

CTOUCH Sphere is part of our Heartbeat As-A-Service programme. Heartbeat Fit costs a whopping €0 and comes with the basic functionalities of Sphere, Sphere Entry. With Sphere Entry you can manage one touchscreen at a time. The paid subscription variant Heartbeat Safe includes Sphere Advanced, allowing you to select and perform actions on multiple touchscreens in one go. Heartbeat Fit and Safe also come with Radix Viso MDM to manage apps, making touchscreen management even more of a breeze.

More information on Heartbeat

UBoardMate CC and CTOUCH Sphere are bundled with the CTOUCH Riva touchscreen. Free of charge, no strings attached. Happy teachers, happy IT-department, happy students!

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