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News 25-10-2019

Dutch Design Week 2019 happening now and with CTOUCH

Dutch Design Week 2019 is in full swing and we’re happy to be part of it. Dutch Design Week is always an exciting event to look forward to. As we are based in the heart of Eindhoven and innovation is in our DNA we feel closely connected to this event. And it’s even close by since a lot of the exhibitions take place at Strijp-T. Our lunchbreaks have definitely become a lot more fun! ☺

DDW’s scope is the design of the future and the future of design. In an innovative city like Eindhoven it’s great to see this event growing and to be in the middle of it. Even better, with CTOUCH we can support these designers in the exposure of their projects. So let’s say design meets technology meets interactivity.

During this year’s Dutch Design Week we’ve supported one of our great partners who takes user experience to a whole new level. Currently we’re working on some very exciting projects with TSG Group. With their fresh and creative perspective on product development we improve ‘Easy Experience’, ‘Interactive Collaboration’, ‘Flexibility for work’ and make our solutions more ‘Personal and Meaningful’. Sounds exciting right? Stay tuned for more news about these design projects!

Let’s rewind back to the Dutch Design Week. During their event both TSG Group and Tenco DDM combined 3D Printing with Additive Manufacturing and presented this on our touchscreens.
Watch this video to see how TSG Group and Tenco DDM use, touch and experience CTOUCH on their successful event:

To save the best for last… Our Product Designer Rhys was thrilled when he won the 3D printed design lamp. Congratulations Rhys! And congratulations TSG Group and Tenco DDM on your DDW event!

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