23 oct 2019

CTOUCH wins the fifth FD Gazellen Award in a row

Just like potato chips you can’t just have one FD Gazellen Award. So we are more than proud of our FD Gazellen Award 2019, the fifth in a row!

Once again we are nominated for the FD Gazellen by Het Financieel Dagblad. Companies that show a revenue increase of at least 20% in three consecutive years can receive this nomination. Thanks to the CTOUCH team and our outstanding partners we’ve made it happen to be one of the fastest growing organisations in The Netherlands.

A tremendous growth of our team, including our team abroad. Developing and expanding our corporate product range which takes collaboration to the next level. Contributing to more educational innovation. Expanding the life span of our touchscreens with our modular friend, BRIX, so CO2 emission and loads of money will be saved over time. We can say we’ve not just been sitting on our hands. And there’s more to come!

But now it’s time for this touchscreen-crazy bunch to pop some bottles. Thank you for everyone’s support and let’s make 2019’s final quarter even better than it already is. Looking forward to the Award show on the 5th of November!

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