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Blog 22-09-2022

CTOUCH touchscreens compared: Neo and Riva

Which of our touchscreens is the right fit for you? How do our displays differ from each other? Let's explore the CTOUCH Neo and the CTOUCH Riva!

Designed to meet target audience's needs

CTOUCH Riva is designed to be used in primary and secondary education. CTOUCH Neo is developed especially for use in higher education and small and medium enterprises (SME). As the intended audience for each touchscreen is not the same, their functionality and usability differs.

CTOUCH conducted extensive research among users of touchscreens. It has shown that users have difficulty working with interactive displays if they do not use them daily. In higher education, teachers switch locations often and bring their own devices. The same applies for employees in SME. This is in strong contrast to primary and secondary education, where teachers often stay in one classroom and use their touchscreen continually in their lessons.

Keeping this in mind, the CTOUCH Riva is designed to make teachers’ lessons come alive with many options to choose from. The CTOUCH Neo runs only what users in higher education and SME really need, with a highly intuitive interface making it our easiest-to-use touchscreen.

User options

CTOUCH Riva comes with a plethora of apps and features available. Teachers are easily able to share their content on the big screen through the Android interface or by connecting their own device. Through the app store, you can download relevant educational apps of your choice to stimulate students’ educational progress.

CTOUCH Neo does not feature the same customisability. Instead, Neo is equipped with four options: whiteboarding, wireless sharing, web browsing and source switching. Each one of these four options is easily accessible from the home screen and entered with just one touch.

Our research showed that only these four options are considered essential for higher education and SME. Touchscreen users in these settings do not interact with displays frequently, and when they do it's just these four options they choose from. For Neo, we did not add any more features than the ones our research showed were sorely needed during the average work week.

Conserve energy

CTOUCH Riva is used intensively all day by teachers and students. Neo is designed for higher education, where professors may not be using the screen frequently during their class. To accommodate this lesser screentime, the Neo has a built-in human presence detector.

The display switches on when a person enters the room in low light mode, greatly reducing energy usage. This also allows the focus to remain on the lecturer or meeting participants until the touchscreen is used. For Riva, the human presence detection module can be bought as accessory.

Freedom of movement

Riva’s speakers are placed in the back of the screen and thus need a wall for sound to bounce effectively to the students in front of it. In primary education, teachers typically stay in one classroom the entire day and the touchscreen is preferably situated in one room all the time.

Neo’s speakers are front-facing, meaning no wall is needed to ensure its sound reaches the audience effectively. The display is designed to be brought to students or colleagues; if mounted on a rolling stand you can easily move Neo from room to room and no matter its placement, content emitting from the screen will be heard clearly around the room.

Security first

CTOUCH Riva is designed to be used continually by one person. We’ve implemented measures such as disabling touch, so the teacher can keep students’ wandering fingers out of bounds.

CTOUCH Neo’s safety features take into account its use as a public device: multiple users and a wider range of access to the touchscreen, as teachers and students higher education frequently swap classrooms. To ensure Neo’s settings are off-limits to unauthorized users, the admin is required to set a pin code upon installation. You don’t need to worry about unauthorized access after a user ends a session either; as all data is wiped so the next user cannot access sensitive information.

Sustained support

Both Neo and Riva are compatible with our Heartbeat As A Service programme, guaranteeing a lifetime of safe and supported touchscreen usage. Heartbeat comes in two flavours: Heartbeat Fit and Heartbeat Safe.

Heartbeat Fit is free and allows IT-departments to remotely manage all displays in their network. With Neo, users immediately become a member of Heartbeat Fit upon installing their Neo for the first time.

Even more options are available in the paid subscription Heartbeat Safe. Heartbeat Safe consists of a wide array of features covering functionality, security, IT management, training and sustainability with the aim of improving the lifetime of the touchscreen and the experience it offers.

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