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News 07-12-2023

CTOUCH Sustainability Initiatives: Bulk Packaging Prototype Pilot

In 2023 we tested a bulk packaging prototype, that would ship our products from supplier to our warehouse without cardboard boxes. This bulk packaging rack would have been used multiple times, compared to disposable cardboard packaging. The aim of this project was to improve the sustainability of our packaging.

The unfortunate outcome of this pilot revealed minimal CO2 reduction, coupled with a significant increase in associated costs. As a result, we’ve decided to stop the pilot. Although unfortunate, we're happy that we gained valuable insight on environmentally friendly packaging.

In 2024, we’ll continue our grand quest for the most sustainable and circular multipacking possible. We’ll experiment with:

  • increasing the number of screens on a pallet from 5 to 6 without enlarging the pallet (thinner boxes and less cardboard)
  • substituting polyethylene (EPE) in the packaging with mono materials such as cardboard
  • increasing the percentage of recycled cardboard in the packaging to over 50%
  • transitioning from wooden pallets to cardboard pallets

These initiatives undoubtedly contribute to further sustainability and we hope to achieve great progress. We will keep you updated on the progress in 2024!

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