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News 15-11-2023

CTOUCH Riva D2 firmware update - November 2023

Below you will find the improvements and changes we made in the latest firmware for the CTOUCH Riva D2 touchscreen.

New UBoardMate version

With this new firmware users get access to UBoardMate3, which adds a wealth of new features such as text and shape recognition.

Improvements to wireless sharing through EShare

EShare has been made even more user-friendly with this update with several improvements. The design has been simplified, it now supports Miracast, native share options are shown and more.

Release notes CTOUCH Riva D2

Firmware 1004 (2023 / 11)

  • New: Android Limited option in dealer menu which enables only EShare and blocks other Android functionality
  • New: Option to hide default text on external input when no signal is connected
  • New: UBoardMate3 with new design including text and shape recognition
  • New: EShare simplified design
  • New: EShare shows native share options (when enabled in settings menu)
  • New: EShare includes Miracast
  • New: EShare settings are now part of the general display settings
  • New: Multi-User (locally managed)
  • Improved: OTA robustness against network disconnects
  • Improved: Standard keyboard sound disabled
  • Improved: Countries removed from language selection
  • Improved: Language improvements
  • Improved: Text button size automatically adapts for improved readability
  • Improved: Default EDID1.4 selected
  • Improved: Sphere 2.5 application for improved connectivity
  • Improved: Help Tool update mechanism
  • Fixed: Wi-Fi hotspot doesn't start automatically when required
  • Fixed: UBoardMate side by side writing feature slower response
  • Fixed: Radius connection when using Wi-Fi certificate
  • Fixed: Freeze function intermittent blocked
  • Fixed: Static IP Address/Subnet Mask/Gateway & DNS value fields
  • Fixed: Start up display by external device OFF function
  • Fixed: Manual USB firmware update showing only once pixelated screen at start up
  • Fixed: Dynamic information on ‘No input page’ and link to support URL removed
  • Fixed: Switch off function when selecting fast/rabbit
  • Fixed: General improvements

Download the latest firmware now

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