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Blog 16-06-2022

CTOUCH is Great Place to Work certified!

Yes! It is time for fireworks, a dance of joy, confetti canons and lots of festivities! CTOUCH is a Great Place to Work!

About Great Place to Work

For over 35 years, Great Place to Work has been helping organisations improve their workplace experience by providing insight into the level of trust they place in their employees. The philosophy: Trust and maximum attention to people are the basis for achieving better individual performance, better team performance, and better business results resulting in growth and innovation.

Our employees gave CTOUCH a positive rating, allowing us to bear the title 'Great Place to Work' for a year! And, of course, we are very very proud of that! 🤩

Okay, how does it all work?

CTOUCH was evaluated on different aspects. One of these aspects was about if and how people can reach their full potential. Our team members got to answer questions about:

  • Credibility
  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Pride
  • Teamwork

Our highest positive findings? Our employees are proud to tell others that they work at CTOUCH. The management is approachable and pleasant to deal with. People really care about each other. People are given responsibility. CTOUCH has a healthy working environment. And people are treated with honesty here.

Of course, the survey also revealed some points for improvement. We are going to work out these points together with everyone in subgroups. With the most positive findings, we will improve these critical points in the future. This way, we work together on our culture and effective leadership.

"CTOUCH is a fast-growing company with progressive ambitions. There is room for your own input and ideas. In addition, the working atmosphere at CTOUCH is open and friendly, and everyone is very approachable. We work hard and enjoy it as much as we can!"

- Laura Ruyter, Online Marketing

We also enjoy working with students. Students from secondary education, but also from higher education and university. We have regular internships, for example. And we have assignments for both groups and individual students. These are often innovative assignments that benefit us but also the students. A win-win situation!

Besides that, we also believe that we, as a Great Place to Work, have a responsibility to today's society. That is why we work together with a partner such as the organisation MVO Nederland. This organisation supports and encourages entrepreneurship in the areas of healthy employment, commitment to a circular economy and inclusiveness. And we have joined forces with JINC to help children from neighbourhoods with socio-economic disadvantages to help with a good start on the labour market.

"What makes CTOUCH special are the people and the working environment at the beautiful Strijp-T. The open culture makes the difference. We are willing to go the extra mile for each other. And we have an office where you quickly feel at home, with attractive workplaces and smart technology".

- Joran Schoonderwoerd, Marketing Manager

Working at a Great Place to Work?

Who would not want that? You can feel the positive vibe and energy from the moment you step into our office! And our core values are reflected in literally everything we do.

We currently have several cool vacancies! Will we see you soon at our ultramodern head office with a roof terrace in the cool innovative district of Strijp-T in Eindhoven?

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