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News 23-01-2024

CTOUCH Green Screen on show at Bett 2024 & ISE 2024

CTOUCH is proud to unveil its ‘CTOUCH Green Screen’ at Bett 2024 and ISE 2024. The ‘Green Screen’ represents CTOUCH’s vision for the most sustainable touchscreen in the market. It’s the next step towards creating an energy-efficient, future proof interactive touchscreen with the lowest possible carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle. The 'Green Screen' contributes to CTOUCH's sustainable mission to be net zero by 2050. This aim is in line with the Paris Agreement and in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Hans Crijns, Product Owner at CTOUCH, elaborates:

“Product development is a delicate balance. Juggling market needs, sustainability demands and manufacturing possibilities. Letting go of budgetary and viability constraints creates freedom to discover the most ground-breaking sustainability features. The lessons learned from the ‘Green Screen’ project greatly guide the future direction of CTOUCH products, contributing to growing requests of our customers, asking for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.”

The ‘CTOUCH Green Screen’ Pushes the Limits of Sustainability by Design

The 'CTOUCH Green Screen' includes the following sustainability features:

  • A back cover made from recycled plastic instead of steel. This results in a back cover with 71% less weight and 91% less kg CO2 output compared to current CTOUCH touchscreens.
  • A dynamic LED backlight and blackboard application that only uses energy when actively used. This results in 41% less power consumption.
  • A low voltage external power supply. As no voltage conversion is needed, it is possible to connect the screen directly to a solar power feed to get 100% green energy.
  • By turning the power supply into an external component, maintenance and replacement in case of a defect are significantly easier and cost-effective.

The next step is to further develop viability of these sustainability features and incorporate them within future CTOUCH product lines. This will directly impact CTOUCH customers doing their part for a sustainable future. A more sustainable touchscreen results in less CO2 impact and allows them to save money on their electricity bill.

The ‘CTOUCH Green Screen’ is on show at Bett 2024 and ISE 2024 by appointment only.

CTOUCH Green Screen
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