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News 31-01-2022

CTOUCH and Matific combine forces, that's a partnership you can count on!

The CTOUCH Riva is enriched with the Matific tool. The prominent maths software that makes the subject for primary school pupils a real pleasure. It gives a practical interpretation of maths and contributes to problem solving skills. Children learn in an inspiring environment and by doing. Matific will soon be available in our app-store!

"Pupils results are improved by 34%"

Support for teachers and pupils

The app Matific that is already active in 40 countries now comes to your CTOUCH display to enrich the education. It has 2000 interactive activities that teachers can match to the curriculum of the pupils. Whether you want to improve the skills of the students or introduce a new skill, Matific can support the teacher in this task. The app can be easily aligned to the curriculum and can speed up with one of the many templates. These templates are easily personalised to the level of the students.

"No less than 89% of the teachers recommend Matific to other teachers"

Homework can easily be checked by the software of the app. In this way, Matific takes the work out of the teachers' hands, and they have more time to give attention to the students. In addition, Matific offers useful practice materials for teachers to convey math to the pupils in a fun way. In this way, the teacher creates more involvement and that contributes to a better learning environment. The app provides a clear overview of how pupils are performing and where extra attention may be needed.

The benefits of Matific

  • Can be used by pupils from group 1 to 8
  • It supports conceptual and deep learning
  • Thousands of activities and worksheets
  • Receive immediate feedback on the completed exercises
  • Less administration because the app checks the exercises

The distinctive features of Matific

Matific does not use digital worksheets, but its own learning environment. This inspires pupils and offers exercises on every level. There is always one that fits in from the 2000 different variants. All roads lead to Rome, so there are different types of exercises to provide tailor-made solutions for the students.

"The interest in math is increased by 31% among the pupils"

The app is a magical learning environment, full of helpful characters and exciting challenges. With the help of friendly guidance, every pupil can get the feeling that he or she can also learn math. This is how we turn fear into eagerness to learn and enthusiasm.

Matific's intelligent algorithm system analyses each pupil's performance and offers them a personalised, adaptive experience. Whether students need to relearn something, want to gain more knowledge or a combination, Matific helps them grow in their own way! The interactive, game-based activities encourage pupils to go on a journey of discovery.

Want to know more about Matific? You can count on our consultants!

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