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News 11-04-2022

CTOUCH and Deutsche Telekom win huge Ministry tender

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Community – abbreviated BMI – has decided to procure 1.200 interactive touchscreens from CTOUCH via its corporate strategic partner Deutsche Telekom. The project involves an estimated total investment of more than 5 Million Euros.

Over the next two years, the interactive displays will be installed at around 80 different ministry offices throughout Germany, supporting modern workplaces and advanced collaboration.

Preparation takes time

Deutsche Telekom and CTOUCH have worked intensively for many months on this Ministry’s tender. CTOUCH CEO Remmelt van der Woude is relieved and proud of the hard work that has been done to fulfil the tender requirements: “Winning a tender with so many technical, operational and security requirements shows that we are able to deliver touchscreen solutions of the highest quality standards. I’m thrilled to achieve this result with such a great partner like Deutsche Telekom. It gives us a lot of confidence in expanding our business together in Germany in 2022”.

Strong commitment towards sustainability and security

Although engagement, fun and human interaction is CTOUCH’s passion, topics like sustainability and security have also become part of their DNA. The company is on a mission to be the most sustainable touchscreen manufacturer in Europe, going the extra eco mile by lowering its CO2 footprint by 60% and increasing circularity by 25% in 2025.

In addition, they keep raising the bar of their security level, from product design to network security. CTOUCH works together with partners such as Grant Thornton and Cyber Resilience Centre Brainport. They all work together to reach the highest possible security level for their customers, their products and their people, both now and in the future.

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