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EINDHOVEN (THE NETHERLANDS) – The Dutch company CTOUCH a successful global player in the market of large touch displays, has been nominated for the FD Gazelle Award 2016.

CTOUCH was nominated for the prestigious entrepreneurial price in the southern part of the Netherlands because of the rapid revenue growth during the past years. Not only in the Netherlands but also in the international business and education markets.

The nomination comes at a time that CTOUCH, which is located in Eindhoven, the tech- and innovational heart of the Netherlands, is issuing bonds for an amount of € 2.5 million through NPEX, the SME exchange of the Netherlands.

To qualify for the title of FD. Gazelles companies must show a firm three years of uninterrupted sales growth of at least 20 percent and the company must also be financially sound. It is the second consecutive year CTOUCH is nominated. Last year CTOUCH received a Golden FD Gazelle Award for the best internationalization strategy.

CFO Bernard Gosselink of CTOUCH welcomed the second nomination for the FD. Gazelles Awards.

,,This is proof that we are well on track with CTOUCH. We have chosen a growth scenario, which is rewarding us. We’re not there yet. But CTOUCH can call himself now officially Gazelle and that makes us very proud,”said Gosselink.

In 2015 CTOUCH’s turnover exceeded € 17 million. According to conservative projections revenues could be tripled within three years. An acceleration of growth, according to Gosselink possible by expanding in international markets, improving its technology and by intensify its cooperation with a number of highly rated partners.

Realization of future growth is made possible by the capital injection via the NPEX-bonds with an annual interest rate of 7%. Investors also seem to have confidence in CTOUCH, because more than half of the targeted € 2.5 million has already been registered.

According to Gosselink CTOUCH will in the near future to add more and more proprietary value in the development of large format touch displays.

,,This will strengthen our position furthermore,” said Gosselink.

Information on NPEX, the SME Exchange of the Netherlands:

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