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Blog 23-05-2022

5 benefits of touch in education

The education sector was stunned by its forced transition to digital education. The changes were massive. Quite massive. But how can we organise education in a way that the sector is always prepared for unexpected situations? How can we prepare education for the future? It's simple. Digital education.

Digital education requires new tools and methods. And some digital teaching tools have already become an integral part of the classroom. But how can we help teachers bring the lessons really to life?

Why touch in education?

The future classroom must support the teacher in making the lessons more fun, playful and interactive. It must become an extension of the teacher. Perhaps very futuristic, but in the future, technology will play a very important role in education. Touch also plays a considerable role in education. More than you might think. Why? How about no more boring lessons. We have listed the five most important benefits of touch in education for you.

1. Interaction & engagement

Keeping your pupils focused isn't always easy. Research has even shown that the attention span of the youth and young adults is less than 10 minutes! 🤯 How long does a class last? Often 45 to 60 minutes? When keeping that in mind, 10 minutes of attention is quite short. With a touchscreen, this is a thing of the past. You will be able to show the digital lesson materials on the touchscreen. This means your lessons are visually supported. You can also write down the necessary details. And you can draw to make some things more understandable.

2. It's easy to use

As a teacher, you are often in front of the class, right? And not teaching from behind the desk. But do you ever struggle with your lessons? How often did you have to go back to your desk? Only to press the space bar? Just to go to the next slide? Or maybe you are more familiar with this one? A video that, moment supreme, doesn't work. With a touchscreen, things will all be a little bit easier. It's one system which you can do anything with. You can relax and do what you do best. Teaching.

3. Modern technology inspires

Everyone gets happy and excited about modern technology, right? We certainly do. And so does education. Both teachers and pupils say they find the technology used in education and digital education much more attractive. According to them, it’s way more enjoyable and interactive. Why? The possibilities are endless. And it provides variety. This comes in handy to tackle that short attention span! 😉

4. Collaboration

Being able to work together is quite important in education. But all too often, teachers see their pupils hiding behind their laptops. With a touchscreen in the classroom, you can go through the digital learning materials together. And work on assignments in groups.

Fun fact! Did you know that pupils only remember 10% of what they read? And that they only remember 20% of what they hear? But they remember 90% of what they do! With a touchscreen in the classroom, your pupils can brainstorm, present, demonstrate and experiment together. A touchscreen literally brings everyone together.

5. Sustainable & future proof

Your pupils are entering the most advanced world ever. A world where everything is going digital. But also a world where changes happen at a rapid pace. Keeping up with this advanced world is almost impossible. But not for a touchscreen. Why buy a completely new touchscreen when it can meet your needs with a simple upgrade? Now and in the future.

Your learning environment with touch

There isn’t one perfect approach when talking about the future of education. Developments, often technological ones, follow each other in such quick succession that the possibilities are endless. But this digital adventure requires the necessary commitment, not only from educational institutions. But also from teachers and pupils themselves. We will have to do it together. One thing is clear. Your learning environment? That's where touch belongs. Everything becomes even more fun. And it increases interaction with your pupils. The lessons in the classroom really come to life!

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